Daily Prompt Hindsight Now that you’ve got some blogging experience under your belt, re-write your very first post.

If it’s all the same to you, Daily Prompt, I do not want to rewrite that first post. It was a very good prompt, though. Not easy to write and not obvious. It was not a yes/no question and it had some complexity. Here is that post, by the way. Anyone who reads it will quickly understand why I might not want to rewrite it. It deals with addiction, loss and other very cheery topics.

P.S. I get your stragedy here, WordPress Daily Prompt Mavens. Your idea is that a person who stays with this for a short time will see they can write better now than they did back THEN. That is not a relevant stragedy for someone like me or any of the other experienced writers who turn to the daily prompt for their varied reasons (entertainment being one — that used to be mine). If I’m going to rewrite something — and I have rewritten some of my posts to improve their structure and various other things with an eye to submitting them for real publication — it will be something I’ve chosen. Not because I’ve got “blogging experience” “under my belt.”  If you ever READ anything we write you might see it differently and take your job more seriously. I don’t know exactly WHAT you do but it can’t be that much work that you can’t do better by this one aspect of WordPress which certainly brings you business. Or maybe you don’t need the business? Maybe you only need a bunch of random people to start up and go for six months and bail (as fully a third of the blogs I follow have done).

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  1. I too did not want to rewrite my first post, because all it said was that I was newbie and a little bit about myself. I am no more into self-promotion than I was when I wrote it 6 months ago. I just ranted about stupid prompts. They did used to be better, didn’t they?

    • Yes. they used to be better — I finally decided to add my gripe to my post. Originally, I didn’t, but then, I thought, “OH well, why not?”

  2. well I will try and go check out your first post – and from the posts I have seen 0 it seems like many folks do not want to rewrite that first one… 🙂

      • I know _ I saw that you linked it – I am just heading out right now and don’t have time – 🙂 but I really want to check it out because of the way your described it – so I shall be back late r- have a nice day MK ❤

  3. Well-said, Martha. I, too, feel like the prompts are often speaking down to us. I also laugh when bloggers say we are “cheating” when we edit work on the ten-minute posts. It’s like we are taking a college entrance test and have to put down our pencils the minute the alarm buzzes. These prompts are not rules. They are merely things to get us going. And it is never a mistake to edit afterwards. One person even complained because people included pictures and how could they possibly do this within the ten minutes. Here’s a clue: Even if you feel compelled to “follow the rules,” there is no rule saying you can’t add a picture after the ten minutes. I think these sorts of comments are what lead WordPress to think we are all novices. Okay, crabby, I have out-crabbed you, I do believe. I, too, feel the prompts are getting worse and worse. So why do I panic on days when they don’t post them until evening? Judy

    • I think the WP prompt-posters are frustrated unemployed English teachers, possibly with MFAs. And I really wonder about my fellow bloggers who are resolving to “take their blog to the next level in the New Year.” I think they’re just very different from us, probably. Anyway, I learned a LOT about other people as readers and writers during this year writing my daily blog. It’s been very valuable to me for that. I would not have learned this otherwise.

  4. Martha, I like very much how you” told’em” off. I’m not a writer and I wish that I were but I enjoy other fine writers and some, more than others. I like your grit and I even though I don’t get involved with WP daily prompts at all, I often read some of the blogger’s posts that I follow. I’m sort of dancing through your blog this evening and clicking on things that I think will be interesting to read. So far I have not been disappointed. I like your writing style.

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