Velociraptor Playroom


|ˈTHi(ə)rə päd-rəmpō-kat-ī-ləm-a|

pl. Theropodumrumpokátalumae


The traditional upstairs playroom of velociraptors and their friends, customary in velociraptor homes of antiquity. (Archaic, no longer in use.)

Common Phrases:

“Where’s Lamont?”
“He’s upstairs in the Theropodumrumpokátaluma hunting his friends.”

“Nice big house! We have a lot of eggs to lay. I’m wondering. how many Theropodumrumpokátalumae does it have? We will need at least four.”
“Let’s leap upstairs and find out!”

“I’m sorry, but this house has no Theropodumrumpokátaluma. There is a Theropodumrumpusdo̱mátio (see Theropodumrumpusdo̱mátio) in the basement.”

There’s nothing that says poor planning like a collapsed Theropodumrumpokátaluma.

ORIGIN: Late cretaceous.


10 thoughts on “Velociraptor Playroom

    • Well, the Theropod would probably eat tuna if he saw it. And he would certainly eat small furry mammals. Hide, Fluffy and Tabby.

  1. Well, you win on sheer creativity. I’m impressed. I often think my dogs are what velociraptors evolved into. Or maybe WE are what they became. I am a velociraptor, yes, I am.

  2. I spend several precious seconds trying to figure out how to pronounce (quick scroll up and copy word) “Theropodumrumpokátaluma” only to learn it is a fiction. I feel cheated, I truly do.

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