San Luis Valley — Sandhill Cranes

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Are you kidding? I LIVE in HEAVEN! Some photos from the Monte Vista Crane Festival this past weekend.

Cranes in Flight over Geese, 2

Sandhill Cranes in flight, Canada geese on the ground

cranes 5

Sandhill Cranes in the San Luis Valley

Cranes in flight

Cranes in flight in front of a foothill of the San Juan Mountains


Canada Geese heading north (slowly) in front of the San Juan Mountains


Landing gear down

Landing gear down

Sangre de Christos with Flying Cranes. Photo by Lois Maxwell

Sangre de Christos with Flying Cranes. Photo by Lois Maxwell

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  1. Reblogged this on Colorado or Bust! and commented:

    My friend LM and her son came to spend the weekend and go to the Monte Vista Crane Festival — it was beautiful to see thousands of cranes (one would have impressed me since I’d never seen one before) during two very beautiful days.

  2. That must’ve been fun. Thanks for sharing your pictures. There’s a pair that nests near here. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw them across the road. I hope I spy them again this year.

  3. Lovely pictures. And you are clearly much more along the road to spring than we are here. There is snow on the ground still, we are expected to get more tomorrow night, and the frigid weather returns Wednesday afternoon. Bah, humbug.

  4. They are really somethig completely different. I have never seen a crane here, what majestic birds they are. And the Canada geese are so wonderful. Love your photo of the landing.

  5. Talk about blessings: living someplace beautiful. I love your cranes. Are they as big as European cranes? They look rather huge. Great pictures and what a marvelous place to live!!

  6. You do, Martha – you are lucky indeed.
    Are you old enough to remember Frankie Laine ? – I always loved his song “Cry of the Wild Goose”. At least, I thought I did; but when I looked it up on YouTube, I found the speed at which it was sung to be something I didn’t remember …

    • Frankie Laine was my favorite singer when I was a kid and I got to see him live in San Diego in the 80s (he lived there). I love Cry of the Wild Goose — thanks for reminding me. His song “Hey Joe!” I thought was about my Aunt Jo. 🙂 I guess I was barely talking when I’d sing out, “Hey, Jo!” whenever I saw her. I can’t even pick a favorite Frankie Laine song. 🙂

          • I didn’t know that Laine was Italian ! Probably Francesco Lano or summat. I also adored Perry Como – madly.

                • “He changed his professional name to Frankie Laine in 1938, upon receiving a job singing for the New York City radio station WINS. The program director, Jack Coombs, thought that “LoVecchio” was “too foreign sounding, and too much of a mouthful for the studio announcers,” so he Americanized it to “Lane.” Frankie added the “i” to avoid confusion with a girl singer at the station who went by the name of Frances Lane.” Frankie the Old Guy would not be that cool…

                  • And I never ever thought of the possibility of his being Italian ! But then, I was pretty young, and never thought of people’s origins. These days I’m fascinated by ’em. 🙂

  7. Love the Sand Hill Cranes. We used to have whooping cranes nesting on the little lake north of our town in S.D. but I’ve never seen the Sand Hill variety.

  8. That was really something worthy to be seen. I envy you. Great pictures.

      • It’s nice to have the bigest local event related with the nature. I would like to. In my city the biggest event is related with wine, spree and debauchery, and the famous run of the bulls. (sigh)

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