New Puppy?

This little dog — a girl about 4 months old — might be coming to live with me next week. I think she’s an Aussie/husky mix. She was picked up as a stray and has to stay at the shelter for five working days and all I could do for a pic was a screenshot of the shelter’s video, but here she is. I met her yesterday. She’s sweet, responsive and submissive and I think Dusty will be glad to have a young friend. I just hope she doesn’t pick up Dusty’s ONE bad habit (barking along the fence).


7 thoughts on “New Puppy?

    • If she’s a husky/Aussie she may not bark, but howl. If she’s NOT, I’m afraid that Dusty will teach her to guard the fence by barking fiercely and I hate that. But, Dusty’s made a lot of progress in learning when to bark and when not to. He doesn’t bark at the little kids from the summer school any more when they pass by on the way to the park. That’s huge since he’s bigger than most of them and that has to be scary. I think I’m going to name her Snow because she’s white and her eyes are the color of snow shadows. 🙂

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