Dude and Lamont Tackle the Question of Awakening

“Coffee, Dude.”

“Yeah, me too. I love coffee.”

“But is that what ‘drives you to wake up in the morning’?”

“Nature’s call, I think, but it would be tasteless to write that on the blog.”

“Spurious minds want to know.”

“Don’t you mean ‘curious’ minds?”


“Did you read the news today? Global warming is melting ancient ice in Yellowstone and the archeologists are in a frenzy trying to pick up all the old shit left behind. It’s enjoyable to imagine frenzied archeologists…”

“It’s not ‘old shit’ Dude; it’s artifacts, unless it is old shit then you should call them coprologists.”

“No way.”


“I think they found our stuff.”

“How do you know it’s ours?”

“Well, it’s tools, spears, baskets. We had those.”

“We had those hundreds of times. Do you remember being in Wyoming? Of course it wasn’t Wyoming, but… Do you remember geysers, I mean besides last year when we went up there for vacation? I’m not sure. I mean there was all the moving back and forth. Lots of stuff fell out of those travois…”

“So you’re saying it might not be our stuff.”

“Right, Dude.”

“But it might be.”

“What are you going to do with spear heads and stuff now? I don’t even have an atl-atl any more, do you?”

“No, no, you’re right…”

Read about old stuff here…


3 thoughts on “Dude and Lamont Tackle the Question of Awakening

  1. Interesting link. Have you heard about Otzi. He was 5300 years old and they found his mummified body in the Austrian Alps some years ago, even with clothing. He was probably a hunter that lost his way and unfortunately parts of his male body were missing (due to being eaten by wild animals probably). Anyhow an interesting find – apparently two tourist mounaineers found his body.

    • I love Otzi. I went to see an exhibit about him about 10 years ago in San Diego. “He” wasn’t there but the reconstruction of him was as were many of his things and a film! I love the way the Austrians and Italians argued about his “nationality” when in Otzi’s day there was no Austrians nor Italians… I guess for the tourist money. I hope he has his male parts in the otherworld…

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