Pupdate… 10/3/2015

Bear is now 6  months old and she weighs about 50 pounds and is nearly as large as Dusty. She’s a lanky, clumsy, goofy, sweet and somewhat capricious though generally calm and gentle dog. She’s also incredibly beautiful. Everyone who meets her is enchanted because she’s obviously a puppy, though she’s so big, and she has soft white fur and beautiful blue eyes. I’m happy that’s the case because I want her to like people. Her breed is generally a guarding breed and I’m hoping Bear learns the difference between a menace and just ordinary life. She seems to be getting it. She especially loves children.

She’s like most other 6 month old puppies, but she’s twice as big as an average medium sized full-grown dog. Some of my friends argue that she won’t grow much larger, she’ll just fill out. For my part, I don’t know. I think she’s going to be a giant dog. I’ve raised many large breed puppies and they were never this big at 6 months.

So she’s a teenager and she acts like one. One minute she’s Miss Independent “You can’t tell me what to do!” and the next she’s “Look how good I’m doing this thing you asked me to and now I’m going to walk at heel just because I know you like it.” The other morning, having noticed I hadn’t completely closed the guest room door and being upset that Mindy was in my room, she went onto the guest bed and made a nest with muddy feet. She knew she’d been bad and she knew I knew she’d done it on purpose. It wasn’t our best day…

A friend of mine showed up this afternoon and hung out for a while — a new thing for Bear — and since then Bear’s been as close to a lap puppy as she’s physically capable of being. Here she is sleeping on my shoulder… That never happened before.

Bear sleeping on my shoulder

I’m so glad I got her. She’s just a great dog. And a GREAT dog!

25 thoughts on “Pupdate… 10/3/2015

  1. She is a real beauty. The look on her face is priceless. I agree. I think she’s going to be a giant. That’s pretty much right for a giant breed at that age. A gentle giant. She will also be a wonderful hearth rug on cold winter nights.

    • She’s just the best dog and I’ve had some really great ones. She’s exceptionally attentive, funny, gentle, generous and smart. I’m really lucky to have found her.

    • She was sound asleep. It was really funny. She’s at that age where one minute she’s tearing into one of her toys and the next asking me if everything’s going to be OK.

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