Reminiscence, Dude and Lamont, 79 Anno Domini

“Dude, what was the last time you pondered leaving or staying? Was it with Drusilla?”
“Yeah, that chick from uptown?”
“I don’t know, maybe one thousand thirty-six years ago? I remember you agonized over that for a while.”
“I was younger then. I hadn’t figured out my priorities.”
“Ah. So what did you do? I wasn’t able to stick around.”
“What happened to you? I was sitting there, enjoying some bread with some nice sauce of rancid fish, telling you my woes, and ‘poof!’ you were gone.”
“Hardly ‘poof’ bro. You’d had a lot of wine, too. It wasn’t just bread and fish sauce.”
“Was that the day?”
“No, no, that was a few weeks later. I think you’d have remembered if it had been THAT day.”
“For sure. I mean, that was as catastrophic as the meteorite. At least that day we knew what was happening.”
“One of the good things about being a shepherd is that you can see what’s happening on the mountain.”
“We didn’t worry about leaving or staying, did we.”
“No time.”
“Did we make it? I don’t remember.”
“Your guess is as good as mine, Dude, but I don’t think we did.”
“Vaporized again?”

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