Dear Polar Bear T. Puppy

Daily Prompt Literate for a Day Someone or something you can’t communicate with through writing (a baby, a pet, an object) can understand every single word you write today, for one day only. What do you tell them?

The last thing I EVER thought I’d bring home from an animal shelter (outside of a Komodo dragon) was a giant white puppy. In fact, I knew little to nothing about the giant whites of the dog world. I was looking for a mature Siberian husky female after Lily died but there you were on the Facebook page of the local shelter. Yeah, yeah, I know you have blue eyes, and, yes, they look just like Lily’s but I think there was an Aussie in the woodpile, not a Siberian husky, waiting for your Great Pyrenees mom.

Bear at Shelter

I stake my claim… 🙂

I recognized you immediately. As with so many others over the years, your being screamed “I’m YOUR dog, Martha! Come and get me!” I was sure it was a completely crazy idea 1) to get a puppy (puppies are generally a POA) and 2) such a big dog, but when have I ever let sanity get in the way of love? Turned out, you were — have been — very easy to train. You’re smart and you want to get things right. You were house trained in four hours.


Bear the First Day

So, here you are. You’ve been my dog since August 1. That’s, what? Four months? What can I tell you in this message that you’re (miraculously) going to read that you don’t already know? You know I love you — that shows in pretty much every interaction we have. You’re such a gentle and mellow dog, with such a positive, responsive nature, that there have only been two occasions when I’ve had to “punish” you. Your response to that surprised me — you just go away. You let some time pass and come back and ask me — with your body language — if everything’s OK again.


Tired, happy, confident puppy sleeping

You try to get things right and you show me when you’ve figured it out. I love the way you showed me you’d finally learned (and would do) “Down, stay down.” At a certain point, it was up to you to learn that. I’d done all I could. I like independent dogs (and people) who can reason things through — it’s why I always liked having Siberian huskies — but you ALSO want to please me.

You are wonderful with people — people are (naturally) attracted to you because you are a big white dog with blue eyes and that’s pretty amazing (and amazingly pretty) but you have a special way, probably because your ancestors were guardians of the most skittery and stupid animals on the planet — no, Bear, not people, SHEEP. Luckily, you love people, too. You’ve even helped Dusty overcome his fear of human beings and he’s let people pet him who, a year ago, couldn’t have gotten near him. My favorite, though, is the way you are with my friend’s (equally gentle) developmentally disabled son who loves all animals but is especially enamored of you.


Bear jumped up on the couch with my friend’s son, wrapped her self around his back and asked for a cuddle.

You’re hilarious to watch with a cardboard box. I got you “Barkbox” so every month new toys and treats come to you (its a good deal, as it turns out) but the “new” toy you like best is the box it all comes in. You’ve even taught Dusty how to play and I love in the morning when I wake up and find you romping with Mindy.


Bear vs. Box

Your whole idea from the first day you came here was to fit in and make friends. You succeeded even though Dusty wasn’t very enthusiastic at first and I had my doubts. Mindy? She was just going to guard her corner of the sofa and her dish, but now she lets you sleep on the sofa. I think she would still draw the line at her dish.


Bear snuggles up to Dusty on her first day in our house. Dusty is ambivalent.

It seems silly to write you a bunch of words when you already know what I have to say. I hope I tell you all the time that you’re a great puppy and I’m so glad I let my heart trump my mind and brought you home with me.

14 thoughts on “Dear Polar Bear T. Puppy

  1. I’m glad she is working out so well. I’ve always wanted one of the giant white dogs, but Garry couldn’t cope with the coat and I suppose he has a point. Someday, maybe. We had one dog who was also housebroken in an afternoon and I admit, she pretty much did it herself. I shows her the doggy door. She did the rest. Nice when they are so smart, eh? That she gets along with the whole pack if wonderful. Wait until snowfall. She will show you the meaning of “invisible!”

    • We’ve had one snow and she LOVED it! She went outside while the snow was falling — her first snow — and she came in, ran up to me, looked at me like, “My GOD! What is THAT!!!! I LOVE it!” There’s a patch on the north side of the dog barrier fence that will have snow on it all winter. It’s now her playroom. Since I’ve had so many Siberian huskies, Bear doesn’t seem to shed at all (in comparison). I just love her — oh, you knew that 🙂

  2. SO love your letter to bear and seeing her progress at fitting in with the others– great photo of her snuggling up to Dusty!!Wonderful!!xoxoLilliana

  3. This is such a sweet post and it caused me to tear up a bit. There is so much love in Bear and in you as well. I’m so glad you took her home. I enjoy reading the stories about Bear and all that she means to you.

      • I would not fear that. You’re not obsessed with her but it is clear that you love her. I feel the same about some of my pets. I love them with all my heart and I like looking at them just because I love them so much. I have hundreds of photos of my most loved pets but I never talk about them to my friends. But I do like reading good pet stories and your writing is so good. Please don’t stop the dog stories.

          • Difficult or not to write, I know that you can write an interesting story about Molly. I have a chocolate lab that was thrown out inn the dead of winter, at the apartments next to my property. She is a wonderful dog. I have always liked the name Molly.

            • Molly stuck her head between two fence boards and killed herself. She was 15, and not in good shape for a long trip, and I was going to Colorado to see my aunt. I left Molly with a friend whom she knew and liked, but being away from me traumatized her and she was desperate to get back home to me. I did what I thought was best, but… 😦

              • Oh my that must have hurt you like hell. Extremely sad. But sh– happens as they say. I’ve found that one can[t prepare for every conceivable thing that can go wrong.

                • No. It just ironic that I was trying to protect her. I felt like I had not understood her as well as I thought. But I want to write about her. She made Lassie and Rin-Tin-Tin look like TV shows. 😉

  4. This was the most beautiful love letter….oh, I just loved it. The photos are wonderful, too. The love with your friend’s son and with the cardboard box, too! This was such a treat to read, Martha.

    • I didn’t think of it that way but I DID write a love letter to Bear! ❤ I should write one to Dusty and one to Mindy sometime, too. They have their own magic. I'm very happy you enjoyed reading it!

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