…and THEN

I’ve been absent for a while — the Daily Prompt had ceased to prompt AND my mind has been preoccupied with other things, The Brothers Path, of course, but also just doing a lot of thinking. I wish I could express WHAT I’ve been thinking about, but it’s really a cauldron up there right now cooking some kind of exotic stew. Polar Bear Yeti T. Almost-a-Full-Grown-Dog has her official birthday on March 12. She was four months old when I got her which would have put her REAL birthday around then, and it happens to be the anniversary of the day I had to put Lily to sleep. These February days have been strangely warm, so it looks like the City of Monte Vista will open the golf course early — nice for them, unfortunate for us since it’s essentially a large park bordered by a field. Walking around it and through it and out of it has been a real pleasure for Dusty, Bear and me. I’ve also found more hiking trails nearby so if I can find some motion sickness meds for Bear that don’t knock her out, we can just go hiking 🙂

I’ve been busy with the art co-op doing publicity. I have a feeling that will prove to have been good experience for promoting my book.

It’s incredibly beautiful here with particular clouds over the Sangre de Cristos and storms coming up over the San Juans. The Sandhill Cranes are here, flying over the house several times a day, sometimes so close they sound as if they are in the tree beside the garage. They are beautiful and goofy; dinosaur birds and I can’t think of a more intriguing harbinger of spring.

12 thoughts on “…and THEN

  1. She has turned into one gorgeous big dog. And hasn’t this winter been a peach? I’m so happy to have gotten off easy. We even got enough rain to hopefully fill the aquifer, even without the snow melt.

    Hope your book is a big big monster bestseller.

    • She’s more than a dog. She’s — don’t have words for her. Intuitive, wise, goofy, intelligent, loving — she welcomes people to my house as if she were the hostess and people just melt when that big fluffy pretty creature offers them affection.

      I’m very glad you didn’t have to deal with the kind of misery you had last winter. I’d have liked more snow, but it ain’t over yet. Last year May was Colorado’s snowiest month. I like snow for its own sake but also because walking the dogs across the golf course is so easy and fun, actually. Up in the mountains the snow pack is VERY deep so no one’s very worried about it being dry. And we had one big snow — like last year, but earlier this year.

  2. Your writing is always a treat for me no matter if it’s written according to a “prompt” or not. The area where you live sounds like a enchanted place. Mountains in the background, beautiful cloud formations, lovely hiking areas and, best of all there doesn’t seem to be a problem keeping and walking your dogs.

    But lest I forget, the photo of bear is excellent. I think that is one that should be printed and displayed in your home.

    • You gave me an idea. You know how people put family pictures in those frames with lots of openings? It would be fun to make one of those with all of my dogs. I might need two or three of those things, though. Bear is inside as beautiful as she is outside. She’s a wonderful friend for Dusty, Mindy and me.

  3. Good memories you bring of our travels, long ago, in 1976. But the mountains are still there, and so are the sand dunes. Thanks for the memories….

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