A Beautiful Short Hike with a Good Dog

Because hiking with Dusty is anything but fun (if we meet people or other dogs he goes crazy barking and I have not been able to teach him not to and doubt I ever will) I decided to spend more time with Bear alone. Today we went to a local wetlands recreation area and had a beautiful walk. We met kids and we met a man with a dog and Bear was just peaceful, gentle and happy to meet everyone.

The day was perfect. Spring is pretty subtle in its arrival in the wilder world, but the rabbit brush is starting to tinge green, and, anyway, I like the winter landscape. I watched some birds soaring on thermals but couldn’t recognize them. I’ve since learned they were American White Pelicans.


It occurred to me recently that I don’t know much if anything about wetlands and they are all around me, part of the Rio Grande River habitat. They are also flat. I can’t hike hills very well, so what I have here is a whole new world to explore and learn about.


9 thoughts on “A Beautiful Short Hike with a Good Dog

  1. We live in a river valley/watershed. So, only one small piece of advice: make sure what looks like solid ground IS. The appearance of the ground can be very deceptive in wetlands. It’s not like the movies where you get sucked into the quicksand and disappear without a trace. More like you wind up in yucky gooey mud to your knees and have a lot of cleaning up to do. Not to mention a real danger of losing a shoe or two 🙂

  2. The area is wonderful for birds and other wildlife. I’m glad that you have a great walking buddy and there are no hills to climb. The pictures are great.

  3. I am sure your canines would be happy here. We live just a five minute walk from the river and if you take a walk along the bank you meet more dogs than humans and they are happy dogs. You could even take El Barko with you, it would not bother anyone.

    • El Barkero is great off leash. On leash he feels that he has a duty to protect me. Bear is more the strong, silent type. 🙂 I wish I COULD bring them to Switzerland.

  4. I’m so happy that you have “a whole new world to explore and learn about.” I felt that same way when I moved from Nevada to Colorado. And I’m still exploring and learning.

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