Dude Finds a Trunk





“I found a trunk.”

“Since when do you have to be quiet around a trunk?

“It’s locked.”

“Yeah. Now it makes sense. What’s UP with you?”

“I think there’s a treasure in it.”

“OK. Too many rides on the Pirates of the Caribbean, Dude. Not all trunks have treasures inside. Some of them have moth-eaten Army uniforms from WW II.”

“And treasures. Give me the rat tail file.”

“I’m not carrying a rat tail file.”


“Now you’re Wile E. Coyote?”

“Do you have a piece of wire?”

“Let me see it, Dude. There. You just had to push this button to the left. It’s unlocked.”

“Oh. My. God. This is so exciting!!! You do it. You unlocked it, you get to open it. But Lamont, it might be booby-trapped, so turn your head aside when you lift the lid.”

“Sheesh. Hey! Look at that! It is a treasure!”

“Move over, Lamont, I wanna’ see. Let me see. Hey, there’s nothing there but a bunch of moth eaten Army uniforms!”

“Next time you find a mystery trunk, look at the writing on the sides. If it says, ‘USMC’ or ‘USArmy’ or something like that, Dude, that’s moth eaten Army uniforms.”

“There’s more stuff, underneath. Letters.”

“Dude, have some respect.”

“Wait. Whoa. I think I wrote these. I think…Oh, Lamont, this had to happen sooner or later, right? We’d run into ourselves?”

“I’ve expected it, especially that we could run into one of our more recent iterations. Do you remember it at all?”

“Dimly. I didn’t get to enjoy that iteration very long.”




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  1. This was interesting and funny since there was no treasure and he was so excited. Nice Job a great short story. Thanks for sharing!

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