Lamont and Dude Discuss Diet

“What’s that, Dude? Looks like a T-bone.”

“I’m going paleo. It’s a paleo breakfast. I want to eat healthy, you know? No more burritos.”

“Dude, do you recall your life as paleo man?”

“Uh, I missed out on human iterations in those days. It was all sabre toothed tiger and mastodon.”

“No it wasn’t. You were born into a nice family but you only lived a few days before a dire wolf got you while your father and I were hunting and gathering. I just put you down for a minute.”

“Lamont, are you crying?”

“Anyway, Dude, I’m amazed that someone with as long a litany of lives as you has not realized an essential truth about life. Besides that,

“What’s that, Lamont?”

“We DIE.”

“Duh. I’m not trying to prevent my inevitable death. I’m just trying to live healthier now so I have fewer problems down the road, you know?”

“Again, Dude, you know, I watched a very interesting film about Swedes.”

“That doesn’t make sense, Lamont. You just used ‘interesting’ and ‘Swede’ in the same sentence.”

“And yet you were a Viking.”

“So what about this film, Lamont? What was interesting? Expiring minds want to know.”

“Sweden was an agricultural country, kind of harsh for a land so far north with winters that could be harsh and early and late. There were many years when there was famine and the people had to somehow get through those years. Many people died.”

“Whoa, that’s like so NOT surprising. Lamont, where is this story going?”

“OK, so some genetic scientists discovered that the grandchildren of those who suffered through a famine year are had a higher risk of diabetes, obesity and schizophrenia.”

“I still don’t get your point.”

“The point is, if you want to be healthy, it’s not about what you eat. It’s about your grandparents. Feast and famine leave little ‘notes’ on the DNA as does smoking and a few other things, booby traps, don’t you know?”

“Wow. So there’s no point in this?”

“Well, sure, if you like it.”

“Do we have an A-1 sauce?”

One thought on “Lamont and Dude Discuss Diet

  1. Ok, ok, you did it again. I just love those two. Now I know where my diabetes comes from. Must have a look in the family tree where the swedish influence was. But wait the danelaw line in the British Isles was north from Bristol to Norwich, so my part of the country escaped the Vikings, I know, I will blame it on the Normans with their white french bread.

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