One of the mysteries of my life will always be how did I find this little house where I am now staying without a map and without knowing anything about the town of Obfelden. I don’t mean how did I hear about it (Google search) but how I physically located it when we first arrived. Essentially, I drove right to it.

I wonder that especially because yesterday we were lost almost all the time.

One immense difference between Switzerland and, well, the San Luis Valley or anywhere in the American west is scale, so driving between towns is accomplished in the blink of an eye. My navigator has never been here is here before and, unlike a lot of other women, has never had that role in the family car: she has to do all the driving in her family. And then there is my particular psychological glitch which is I often think I’m lost when I’m not.

We managed to reach one destination yesterday that was very important to me and which Lois loved — Kapel am Albis. The chapel itself is part of a medieval monastery. Somewhere in the environs (and we did not look for it) is the location of a war in which one of the Schneebeli  brothers — and a real great x 17 generations uncle of mine was killed in 1532.

Kappel am Albis

Otherwise we saw the countryside and probably oriented ourselves — I hope because we will venture out again soon.

In the evening we took a local Wanderweg through fields and sunset , along a stream and back into Obfelden where, again, we got lost. Finally we went onto a restaurant and asked for help. We got it, directions and the owner printed it a map for us. After 3 hours on foot, your weary and aching blogging hero and her friend managed to return home.

Today more adventures await. We’ll be heading to the other side of the Lake of Zurich to see moreover the sites of the strange medieval Switzerland I know. When Lois gets back to Colorado she’ll have to explain why she saw Bubikon and not the Matterhorn. 

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  1. Thank you for sharing this wonderful journey. I have had similar experiences knowing my way through medieval parts of Lyon without ever having been there before. Maybe it is something in our DNA, our inherited cellular memory, or something more mystical. Enjoy the rest of your adventure :o)

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