Chagrin Lamont and Dude Style

“Hey Lamont, did you ever embarrass yourself? C’mon. Tell me your most embarrassing moment.”

“So far today, THIS conversation. What a dumb question! What are you doing, interviewing me for a quiz show or something?”

“No. I sincerely want to know. You’re always so calm, collected; so poised and masterful. I just wondered if you’d ever done anything embarrassing.”

“This iteration, or?”

“Well any iteration. That’ll improve my odds of getting a story out of you.”

“Are you carrying a recorder?”

“No, this is just an ordinary flute. You know I’m not into medieval instruments, even if the dulcimer is hammered.”

“Dude, did that joke embarrass you? Because it should have.”

4 thoughts on “Chagrin Lamont and Dude Style

  1. The return of Dude and Lamont. The pingbacks are not working, but did you know that your site does not appear in the reader. I discovered this from Facebook.

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