Lamont and Dude Run Away

“Lamont, do you think if we’d been brave, we would have stood still and waited for the meteor?”

“You know, it wouldn’t have mattered.”

“I know that, but if we’d had true courage, wouldn’t we have stood our ground?”

“A lot of people have written about courage. I don’t know if any of them got it right except maybe Hemingway who did point out that only a frightened being needs courage.”

“So you’re saying in order to have courage an entity has to be afraid? I thought fear was cowardice.”

“No, dude. Any smart creature knows enough to be afraid at the right time. You gotta’ know when to hold ’em, know when to walk away, know when to run. Dum dee dum, la dee da.”

“Like when there’s a meteor.”

“Yeah. Or, I dunno, a fire. What kind of idiot is going to stand there and say, ‘This is my house and you’re not making me leave!’ to the firefighter who’s explaining that a big ass fire is about to consume the neighborhood. That fool thinks the fire is going to respect his courage?”

“Definitely not your survivor type.”

“No, but there are creatures who think surviving is cowardice, that only the good die young and that BS. Well, I’m here — again — to tell you that any sane oak tree who’s been FORCED to stand its ground in a fire will tell you it’s better to RUNAWAY!”

“I remember that, Lamont. It was a LOT like the meteor.”

“Yeah. I’d say a forest fire is to an oak tree what a meteor is to a dinosaur.”


For those new to Lamont and Dude, I invented them a couple of years ago in response to a prompt. They have been reincarnated innumerable times and remember some of their incarnations. Some of their stories are funny. If you want to read more, just type Lamont and Dude in the search bar.

4 thoughts on “Lamont and Dude Run Away

  1. I think, often, that many people don’t see the difference between commonsense and cowardice. It’s not brave to die for no reason. It’s not necessarily brave to die for any reason.

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