Lamont and Dude Are not Mistaken

“Lamont, have you ever made a mistake?”

“Have I ever NOT made a mistake, Dude. That’s a better question.”

“You look a little down in the dumps, buddy. What’s up?”

“Meh. These incarnations. Don’t you find them a little repetitive?”

“Yeah. They are repetitive. Summer reruns. Groundhog Day. There’s a lot of that. I just figure it’s due to the normal trajectory of life.”

“‘Normal trajectory of life’? You make it sound like we’re launched from a cannon or something.”

“In a way we are. And here we are in old ‘kill or be killed’ again, making the best out of whatever conditions we find. That’s all window dressing, stage-setting, props, a plot line. We sentient beings plod across the stage of a lifetime, back and forth, as infants, children, young whatevers, adult whatevers, fornicating, repopulating, fading, dying…”

“Have you been reading Shakespeare again?”

“Shakespeare’s not to be read. His work is to be WATCHED.”

“Oh Dude.”

“All the stuff we do? We take it really seriously but it doesn’t matter a jot in the grand scheme. Better go at the whole shadow show with a sense of wonder combined with abject indifference.”

Abject indifference?”

“Sure, you know, passionate apathy.”

Lamont and Dude are a characters I made up a couple of years ago. They have the uncanny ability to remember many of their innumerable incarnations. This gives them a different perspective on things than most of us amnesiacs have.

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  1. Passionate Apathy could be the title of a book and major motion picture. I think it might well sum up the world in which we are living. Maybe passionate apathy with a propensity for slaughter.

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