No Tears for Tiny!!!

I was never one to play with dolls. I did have a Barbie that I more or less bullied my parents into buying me when I was 12, but otherwise? No, with the exception of my Tiny Tears, named “Tiny.”

I loved that doll. My parents got her for me when my brother was about a month old — for Christmas when I was nearly 2. Tiny was my baby. Kirk was my mom’s baby. I grew up and Tiny remained my baby.

Tiny is old, sixty-two and change. Her rubber body is cracked and vulnerable. Oddly enough, the worst crack is on her left knee where my worst “crack” is, also. But she still has her pretty face and her purpose in life; to be the baby doll of a little girl. Two years ago, before I moved to Colorado, I sent my Tiny Tears and all her clothes (most of which were my newborn clothes) to my step-granddaughter.

Now my step-granddaughter has my Tiny Tears doll AND a new baby brother. The other day I got a photo showing me that Tiny is still doing her job. In the photo, Tiny is wearing the outfit my step-grandson wore home from the hospital after he was born.

14 thoughts on “No Tears for Tiny!!!

  1. I never played with dolls, more with toy trains and guns and stuff that was not psychologically recommended for little girls although I had a Gollywog, which is also something you should not have today. . Having a doll with memories is something else and what a great name.

    • It was her brand name. I guess I asked my mom, “What’s her name?” and my mom said, “She’s a Tiny Tears doll,” and she was tiny from then on. She had holes by her eyes and a little hole on her butt and a bottle you could use to give her water. I never did that. I think they took the bottle away immediately. But the commercials said, “She cries and wets like a real baby!” The competitor doll was “Betsy Wetsy.”

    • I had a Gollywog too, and in those days no one thought twice about it. I also had a Raggedy Ann doll that I adored. I was a very typical little girl of the 1940’s!

  2. Imagine Tiny and Betsy being competitors. It starts that young, does it? I had a Barbie, also and two other dolls but I so much more preferred books. Those were (and still are) my babies.

    • I mean they were in competition commercially — look at their names! I liked my Barbie a lot because I designed and made clothes for her and built her houses. I think it was about sculpture…

  3. Extraordirily durable doll! She is cute too:) You are such a great take carer and mommy/friend to your Tiny. ❤ overall i found the whole scenario very adorable.

  4. My cousin got one of those life size Barbie heads for Christmas. It came with jewelry and makeup. Me and her brother put it on a stake in the backyard. We were shunned by the family for a spell.

    • Yeah, well, my cousins hung Tiny Tears by the neck from the cottonwood tree where they had their fort. I was shunned (gender issues ha ha) but my uncle made them bring her down and she was fine. I was crushed, but that night my Aunt Jo took me aside and we sat on the front porch and she taught me to count my blessings such as 1) my doll was fine, 2) they got in trouble with Uncle Hank, 3) they were just teasing me, 4) I had cousins, 4) she loved me. It’s an ill wind etc.

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