Polar Bear Yeti T. Dog, My Giant

Bear is a giant breed dog. She’s an Akbash, similar to a Great Pyrenees, but more slender, less massive. When I adopted her I wondered what in the world I was going to do with such a creature as a pet, a house dog. I wondered how I’d train her. I wondered a lot of things.

I didn’t know HER, that she had a giant heart and brain to match her size. From the very first day I saw she was a different kind of dog. She was calmer, more attentive and responsive. She thoughtfully (at four months) evaluated her new pack and determined her place within it. As time went by, she learned to walk on a leash, sit, down, wait, stop, stay. She even taught my scaredy-cat neurotic boy dog, Dusty, to play and they play for hours in the back yard.


Dusty smiling!!!!

When she and I walk alone together, without Dusty, she wanders contentedly on the end of a six-foot leash and obeys commands from that distance as if she were held at heel. She loves everyone, especially little kids. She doesn’t jump on people, but sits and lies down when she meets them on the street. In my house, she jumps up on her chair so she’s at eye level with humans and puts out her paw to shake.

Yesterday I learned of a new litter of puppies — half golden retriever and half Great Pyrenees. I am NOT going to look at them… I don’t think my house is big enough for two giants!


13 thoughts on “Polar Bear Yeti T. Dog, My Giant

  1. Bear’s a beauty of a dog, all right. You lucked out there, Martha. I hope she lives a very long life so that you can enjoy her for many more years.

    • So would I! I regret that 20 years ago I didn’t take in my aunt’s St. Bernard, Baby. I didn’t realize how easy it would have been to have a giant dog among my pack. If I get the opportunity — and no longer have 3 dogs — I would definitely adopt a St. Bernard. I also love the Berner Sennenhund.

  2. Oh, so you’re NOT going to look at them. Not even one little peak??? I’m pretty sure I’d have to go and at least make sure they were being treated properly. You know, as my civic duty.

    • I have no will power where puppies are concerned. And now, I have this Great White Dog who would LOVE to train a puppy and would do a great job… but when I go away the dogs usually go with me four big dogs would be impossible. 🙂

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