Journey to Zürich: Zürich Through Time and Space (Guest Post: Martha Kennedy)

A guest post on Before the Second Sleep about Zürich and my relationship to that wonderful city. ❤

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Martha Kennedy is the award-winning author of Martin of Gfenn, Savior and The Brothers Path.  To be announced at a December 9 reception, the author will also receive more details of an honor awarded for her short story submissions to Letters from Hidden Lake, the literary magazine of the Alamosa Public Library. Congratulations, Martha Kennedy!

Zürich Through Time and Space

by Martha Kennedy

grossmunster-2016-copyGrossmünster (Great Church)

My relationship with Zürich did not start well. On my first visit in 1994, the labyrinthine passageways in the Niederdorf, Zürich’s old town, felt sinister and claustrophobic. The whole thing was “topped” by a barren, stone cathedral called the “Grossmünster” or Great Church. The few images in the church — such as Jesus whipping himself with a cat-o-nine tails — were horrific. I could not have imagined that someday those streets would fill my imagination, the church would become a…

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