The Reading

For two weeks now I’ve planned for this reading. I’ve practiced, written an introduction that wasn’t too long, found a chapter that is exciting, mysterious and makes people want to know more.

My friend Lois drove down from Colorado Springs over a mountain pass in less than ideal weather to be here. The weather has been cold and a little snowy — snowy enough to coat the warm streets, to melt and to freeze. We headed out. About 2/3 of the way to Alamosa (18 miles from Monte Vista) I could tell the roads were becoming increasingly icy under blowing snow. There was a 4WD truck in the ditch. Down the road there had clearly been an accident. We decided to turn around, come back, have dinner.

In the restaurant, I called my neighbor who had been planning to go. She was already there. Once at home, I put a note on Facebook to tell people what had happened and I then learned how many of my friends had gone to the library to get a book signed and hear me read.

I feel humbled, loved, appreciated and a great many more really wonderful things.

3 thoughts on “The Reading

    • Very lovely. Lois’ car has all wheel drive, but I felt since she’d already driven four hours in crappy weather, I should drive. That was a mistake. OH well. At least I’m ready for next time. And I’m thinking of having a party. 🙂

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