Hot or Cold, Dammit!

“What’s ‘lukewarm’?”

“Not cold, not hot, but not too warm. If it’s too warm, you’ll kill the yeast. If it’s not warm enough, the yeast won’t grow.”

Oh man, the consequences. “Is this right?”

“I don’t know. Test it on your wrist.”

“But I don’t know!”

It was Betty Crocker Hot Roll Mix. It was Thanksgiving. I was 12. I still hate that word.

4 thoughts on “Hot or Cold, Dammit!

  1. Aaah!! I hate that word too. Both my mom and my younger brother who still produces Mom’s famous dinner rolls tried to teach me to recognize like warm with the “put a drop on your wrist” test. Didn’t work. I have never made rolls from scratch, and I don’t care.

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