A Very Boring Post about a Word that Just doesn’t “Quicken” my Enthusiasm

*Quicken — 1. speed up. “Quicken your pace, soldier or you’re out of this man’s army.” 2.  come to life (as inside the womb). Now that’s just bizarre. “She felt life quicken within her.”  I don’t even know if that’s possible.

It’s snowing here in the San Luis Valley which makes me and Polar Bear Yeti T. Dog very happy. And all the little seeds and bulbs in the garden need the moisture to “quicken” down there in the dirt though some precocious varieties are already on it. And I don’t know why I’m completely de-inspired (a term used by a student once to describe me “I’m de-inspired by this assignment”) by this word… Hmmmm.

I’ve been in a “get rid of stuff” frenzy lately, partly in preparation for work I’m having done to repair my garage this summer. Partly because there’s just a lot of stuff I’ve saved over the years because I thought, somehow, those things mattered. Recently I realized they DON’T matter. It’s been incredibly refreshing to throw them away. Yesterday I took four bags of clothing and shoes to one of the local thrift stores and threw out art work. Art work is a big problem. You make a painting, you try to sell it, no one buys it, you’re stuck with it. Little paintings are not a big deal to store, but big ones? I don’t even like most of my paintings and I wouldn’t hang them on the walls of my house — I like three of them I’ve done so far and they ARE hanging on my walls. Other paintings? No. Some of my paintings I did just for the practice of seeing and painting. Fortunately, there are some charity events coming up to which I can donate paintings for silent auctions and stuff.

UPDATE: Taking Mrs. AngloSwiss advice, I hung one of the paintings I don’t like on a wall in my spare room which I’m currently attempting to “brighten up” as it doesn’t get much natural light. What do you know. It looks good. 🙂

Lamont and Dude seem to be AWOL. Hopefully they’ll return and with those two, it seems returning is a sure thing.

*Source: Martha’s personal dictionary of words she’s seen used


9 thoughts on “A Very Boring Post about a Word that Just doesn’t “Quicken” my Enthusiasm

  1. Someone once said live as it you would move house every week, or was it every month. This stayed with me and when I stopped working I had time and realised how much unwanted cargo we carry thorough our lives, so I have reduced it all and it is a great feeling. And hang the paiings on the walls, why not. I have a bedroom full of Mr. Swiss paintings. We also have a hoby room with some on the walls. Get rid of those clothes, you won’t wear them any more and they probably don’t fit. What more do you need than jeans and a t-shirt (or an icelandic sweather) 🙂

    • I don’t like the paintings which is why I don’t hang them — I might hang one in the spare bedroom, though. Yeah, yesterday I cleaned out my closet which already didn’t have much stuff in it. I thought, “I’d better keep my suit in case I become a famous author after all” but no; I’m not dressing up for work any more. It’s weird what you keep for no reason — there’s a Christmas tablecloth my mom embroidered and you know what? I don’t have a big dining room table anyway. 🙂

  2. Quickening — feeling a baby for the first time when pregnant — is a real thing. It sort of marks the transition between when you know you’re pregnant because the pregnancy test says so and when you know you’re pregnant because that isn’t gas in your abdomen you’ve been feeling. Yes, it’s possible.

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