My Friend, Spike

I’d like you to meet Spike.

Coast Horned Lizard - Mission Creek 1


Spike is a California Coastal horned lizard. Hiking in the coastal chaparral of San Diego, I often caught a glimpse of Spike, and I think I picked him up once or twice. I like him a LOT. As you can see, he’s not easy to see (ha ha). That’s because Spike has a lot of predators, including scorpions. Spike is a furtive little fellow out of necessity. In different places — depending on the color of the dirt and the kinds of rocks about, Spike might have slightly different coloration.

I named all of them Spike. It was fun to be hiking along, catch sight of him on the edge of the bushes, and say, “Hi, Spike! Be careful out there!” Once I even picked up a tiny baby Spike. He was one of the cutest little critters I’ve ever seen.

4 thoughts on “My Friend, Spike

    • Spike is an exceptionally cute lizard. We had cute frogs out there, too, that looked like oak leaves. Not big English oak leaves, but the little leaves that grew on the coastal live oak. They were no bigger than the first joint on my thumb. And they had a dark stripe on their eyes that looked like Batman or the Ninja Turtles or Nefertiti.

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