Dusty’s Harmonious Memories

When I had a bunch of Siberian huskies they, naturally, loves to howl at the right times. They knew when those times were. A siren, coyotes in the distance, Eminem (yeah, truly), and once the Evil X. The thing is, they find a pitch and they all howl in harmony.

Lily and Cheyenne

Cheyenne T. Wolf (front) Lily T. Wolf (back)

Dusty T. Dog really wanted to be like his husky sisters/moms and from the time he was a puppy, he tried to howl with them. He did pretty good for a dog of undetermined parentage but certainly not husky.

Sometimes now I’ll play a video of huskies howling, or wolves, and sometimes I’ll just hit a howl pitch, and Dusty will tip back his head, make a “howl” mouth and do his best. We howl together for old times sake, saying “We remember you!” to our huskies in Husky Heaven.

This is Cheyenney T. Wolf’s favorite howl along song by Eminem.


12 thoughts on “Dusty’s Harmonious Memories

  1. Tabby understand him perfectly. Tabby’s ambition was to meow like a lion, but she only manages a quiet “meowiow”. Beautiful photo of the T. Wolf family. My niece had a husky that look just like these two. She left for the eternal snow fields a couple of years ago.

  2. They are so much more in tune with cosmic energies than humans are, Martha. Looking around, I often wonder why we hold humanity in such high esteem when it’s the myriad other animal species who set a much more laudable example! 😉 xoxoM

    • At least animals are honestly what they are. They don’t hide their nature or lie to others. It’s kill-or-be-killed in their world but everyone knows this and understands why. Domesticated animals have achieved something humans seem incapable of — bridging a gap between different life forms. 🙂

  3. When we had hounds and Bishop, they all would howl in the morning, like a sunshine chorus. The Scotties don’t howl on their own. They need a lead howler. I do miss that, though. It was, in its own way, beautiful.

    • I love howling with my dogs. Sometimes I just howl with Dusty for old times sake. I have learned over the years that it’s a bonding thing between dogs. Bear is learning to howl along and Mindy does what she can. Afterward, it’s a big love fest. It’s very cool

  4. What a beautiful post, Martha. It made me smile to picture you and Dusty howling together…puts me in a very peaceful frame of mind.

  5. Our Millie pretends to be a Husky. There are certain times of the day that she loves to howl.
    She also thinks there a wolves about, or something, when we play classical music and she joins in. She’s a Spoodle, Spaniel- Poodle. Sirens set her off too.

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