Chilly Dog

Mindy T. Dog is one of those long-haired dogs my grandma would describe as “messy.”  My grandma always had one — a cocker mix of some kind — whose fur was curly, fine and copious, matted easily and could actually be a danger to them. This spring Mindy has had mats everywhere.

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Bear, my friend’s dog, Coda, and Mindy pre-clip, Dusty in the Background

Mindy T. Dog was clipped for the first time on Tuesday. The groomer — Muddy Paws Dog Grooming — is a country groomer with a pen of sheep in the back yard, a small stall for horses, a hutch for rabbits, her own 4-H kids and a sweet little shed fitted up to groom dogs. None of the fancy-schmancy urban dog grooming paraphernalia of the city. The shed is perfectly set up for the work she does. Four crates to hold the dogs who are waiting, a high table for the dogs who are being groomed,  and a big horse trough for a bath tub. Everything is shiny, comfortable and dog friendly. I was astonished when my Australian shepherd from the burbs of San Diego reacted strongly to the sounds of the sheep bleating outside.

“Mindy,” I said, “you have instinct!”

There were two lambs, one of which had been adopted by the groomer’s daughter because its mom rejected it. ❤

When I went back to get Mindy, the groomer and her daughter had fallen in love with her. “She helped us!” said the groomer.

“She has a magical quality,” I said. “Mindy makes people happy. I don’t know how.”

“She was so easy to work with!”

The freshly denuded Mindy beamed at me from a fluffy face. She’d had a good time.

“She liked our treats!” The groomer cooks dog cookies.

“Great,” I said, not revealing that there has yet to be a treat made Mindy did not like. I was sent home with two small sample bags for Dusty and Bear.

Unfortunately for Mindy T. Dog it was the coldest day we’ve had in weeks, and there she was, naked to the world. When I got home I called my neighbor who knits and crochets to see if she had knit or crocheted a dog sweater lately, but no luck. There’s a sweater on the way — a good thing as snow is predicted to blanket the ground Saturday and temps are supposed to drop to 19 degrees. Winter DOESN’T let go easily in the San Luis Valley.

Meanwhile, Mindy is now proudly wearing my Dead Kennedys T-shirt.

Mindy D

14 thoughts on “Chilly Dog

  1. Mindy T. is a lovely dog. Enjoyed the little story very much! I had a Siberian husky who basically exploded fur. Now I have a boxer who is essentially naked all the time!

    • I’ve had many huskies. They DO explode fur! The most annoying shedder, though, is my short-haired Dobie/Lab mix, Dusty T. Dog. He throws out his undercoat in these nasty black hairs that the vacuum ignores. 🙂

  2. I know it sounds strange, but cutting off the hair never seems to leave them feel that much colder, unless it’s really very bitter. I think when the fur is very matted, they feel much better when it’s removed. Mine always act like they’ve just been to the expensive Spa down Hollywood way. They pose for the camera 🙂

    • Mindy was shivering, but she was being pelted by cold rain and sleet, poor baby. Mindy LOVES her new “do.” I’ll never let it get that long again. And yeah; Mindy didn’t exactly pose for me to take photos, but she didn’t look away (her usual stragedy) either. 🙂

  3. These dogs must make great company. I sure miss my two. I had the Husky and a Spaniel. The Husky went missing. The other died. Then my house burned down. I will write about that sometime.
    You write well!

  4. I love the fashion tuck on Mindy’s T-shirt, and the groomer’s place sounds wonderful. She was pretty before but I’m glad she is loving her new ‘do.

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