“Did you trace that, MAK?”

“No, Dad. I drew it myself.”

“Tracing is stealing someone else’s drawing.”

“I didn’t trace it.”

“That’s very good. Can you draw that, MAK? It’s not easy.”

“I can draw it.” I sat down on the backyard sidewalk with my paper, a magazine (so I had a smooth surface), and my colored pencils. I drew my first iris.

They were all planted outside the back fence — now I know why. My two favorite plants — lilacs and iris — are land devouring monsters. Spring is as much about stopping their ravenous spread as it is about starting a garden.

My neighbor, K, is giving me some plants later today from what she calls her “jungle.” After my walk with Dusty and Bear last evening, and a brief chat with K, I thought, “I’m getting plants from her, I’ve gotten plants from E (my other neighbor). Our gardens are going to have all the same plants.”

Then it hit me how cool that is, and I saw a sweet quiet story in it.

9 thoughts on “Traces

  1. “Tracing is stealing someone else’s drawing.” Hahahaha………….that’s my favorite line. So interesting. Nice read.

  2. Yes, iris are land devouring monsters. I live in TN…count lillies in that category, too. My, my.

  3. And that is how we also got plants, thought we also dug them up from the woods and along the road, as well as getting some from neighbors. We also have given many away. With a little luck, a few lilies become many, many lilies. It’s the joy of lilies.

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