Lamont and Dude Ponder Distance


“‘Yo! ‘ssup?”

“Not much. What’s out there?”

“Oh, I’m watching the sets. I’m not sure it’s worth going out.”

“Aren’t you the guy who told me it’s always worth going out?”

“Maybe. But it’s not. See how they’re breaking? A guy’s more likely fall off one than get a ride.”

“I see what you mean. Hey, what’s that?”


“What is it?”

“I don’t know. A boat?”

“It’s pretty far out there.”


“You know what was great about being a woolly mammoth?”

“Being chased down and eaten by me?”

“You think that’s SO funny. No. That wasn’t great, what was great was being so tall you could see way out there, the far distant horizon, in all directions.”

“Didn’t help you much.”


Lamont and Dude are characters I came up with a few years ago. They have the uncanny ability to remember many of their past incarnations which gives them a unique perspective on life, the universe and everything.

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