I Loved It

For two years — sixth and seventh grade — I attended a private, academic prep-school in Omaha. It was my favorite two years of school. It was an Episcopalian school which meant we went to chapel every Wednesday. We also had religion as part of our basic curriculum.

I had to ride the bus because school was pretty far away. Riding the bus through Nebraska’s farmland in any season was wonderful. The bus drivers were off-duty firemen, really nice guys, both named Ed.

I even had a friend at school, a best friend, for the first time in my life.

We wore uniforms, gray flannel skirts, white blouses and a red or gray cardigan in winter, a pastel, shirtwaist dress in fall and spring. It was great not to have to think about what I was going to wear in the morning. It made it a lot easier to get on the bus at 6:30.

Later in life I returned to the uniform idea and invested in “outfits” for teaching, stuff I would never wear in my real life, suits. Not only did they make me look like the real deal, I could sleep in an extra 20 minutes. 🙂


16 thoughts on “I Loved It

  1. I only just posted my entry for this prompt, but we seem to be thinking on the same lines, although uniform in the States was not quite the same as uniform in London probably. I am not sure of what grades mean in the States, but we had 5 years to do in grammar school and I added an extra on for the commercial course. Didn’t this prompt bring back memories.

  2. I, now, learned to choose my outfit, for the next day, the night before. It really does help not to think about what to wear in the morning! Though, sometimes, I’d still change it last minute in the morning when the feeling of wearing it isn’t right.

  3. I didn’t have uniform work clothing, but it was all absolutely neutral colors so ANY top went with ANY bottom and all the shoes were black. I think that’s as close as I really got.

  4. Twelve years of Catholic school and the uniform changed from jumpers to skirts to shirtwaist dresses, but the colors remained the same: Navy blue and white. It was such a good feeling to be able to wear ‘real clothes’ when I got out of school.

  5. I couldn’t tell which one was you in the picture. (Tiny cellphone screenshots are too small.) tell me which row front to back and left to right. Please!

  6. I’m a great believer in school uniforms. Saves the hideous fashion rivalry of teenage girls, the feelings of inferiority among those whose parents can’t afford labelled clothing. Also makes life so much easier for parents!

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