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Looking at the political situation in the US now, one thing I can say is that I know a lot more about it than I did two years ago. I think that might be true of a lot of people in this country. The thing is like a huge, morbid circus.

There IS a lot of “fake news.” Yesterday I read that a friend of Trump’s thinks Trump might fire Mueller, the Special Counsel. That’s not news. That’s gossip. But it has spread and so… From a liberal blog, but…

I watched Trump’s meeting with his cabinet — finally he has a cabinet. The meeting was surreal. He blamed and bragged and the “cabinet” sucked up shamelessly. I thought last night that the job of the president and the cabinet was pretty serious and had nothing (much) to do with egos, but this was nothing but. Maybe after the photo-op was over, they went into a room and worked. I don’t know. Once again, he calls Democrats “obstructionists” not thinking that he is the president of ALL the people in this country, not just the ones who kiss ass. I think he believes his own fiction.



Ivanka the Good Witch came out in favor of apprenticeships in high schools (I’m completely and totally for that) and then I read an article in The Guardian exposing the terrible treatment of workers in Ivanka’s factories. It’s quite anecdotal and makes use of the passive voice, still, I don’t doubt it’s true. It’s also true that when I worked in China I earned $100 US/month and was near the top of the pay scale, close to the highest government official. The article is not what I call hard data.

Watching Comey testify last week was interesting, most interesting was that his BIG statement, that Russia interfered in our election process in a major way was not as interesting to people as other things he said. I got the impression that — to Comey — that was the most enormous thing but to the people on the committee and maybe the people in the country, the gossip he also shared was more intriguing. “He said, she said” is, to me, always gossip. Unverifiable and ephemeral, but so tantalizing. I do not know how anyone could ever prove that when Trump said, “I hope” he meant “You’d better.”

There’s just so much crap and that includes some of the REAL news. My interest in all this has not tapered off much because it continues to be completely beyond my ken. (I got to write ken 🙂 )

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  1. Not my problem, oh yes unfortunately it is. We used to look across the pond and have a good feeling. The feeling is somehow no longer there for me. Trump does not care, really not, like water running off a duck’s back, but then I do not have a good feeling about the British government. What is wrong with this world.
    We have an apprenticeship system in Switzerland and a very good one for all trades. Even for commercial work in an office there is an apprenticeship. They usually last about 3 years, afterwards you take your examination and if you pass you have a good chance of getting a good job. You also get a wage during the apprenticeship from the company that takes you on, not a full wage, but one to survive on if you are living with mum and dad, which you usually are. But Ivanka Trump seems to have got the idea from somewhere else, and not her own brain if she has one.

  2. I read a couple of those posts too and I was also thinking “Hey, that really ISN’T news. Good old out of the dark of DC GOSSIP.

    Garry says men do not gossip. They interface.

    There is a lot of interfacing going on. I stopped reading it. All it was doing was annoying me. This is beginning to make me really crabby.

  3. Watching the footage of the cabinet meeting this morning on TV made me cringe. I felt embarrassed for people I don’t even like. Surely if they see the footage of themselves fawning all over Trump, they’ll be embarrassed as well. How will they explain it to their spouses, their children, their grandchildren? To history? I know Trump has no shame, but I thought a few of the others did.

  4. Definitely his actions terrifies me and saddens as well. And he also enlightened me by showing- He mirrors many of us!! How can we help this situation? -By no more practicing actions like his, by not becoming more like him!
    As I have been reading the news and articles about the deportations of Iraqi Christians and other human rights violations, at my utmost surprise I found many of those oppressed are among those who voted this man. Why? with the hope that he would protect ‘THEIR'(specific groups) rights. I rarely found any of them saying they voted a new person with hope of respecting and protecting “HUMAN RIGHTS” (regardless of their geographical birth place or living place or whatever). Which says there are many( even among his non voters) who r like him who seek benefits only and only for a specific group not for whole humanity!!
    Who is Trump? Yesterday’s citizen. Today’s citizens are tomorrow’s president!

    • Many of the people who voted for him, voted for him because they feel left out by the “American Dream.” He went right at that with “Make America Great Again” and promising to return to “old-fashioned values.” He took a very conservative, almost nostalgic, marketing stance — and that’s what it was because his promises were vague and impossible. I live in a small Colorado town that has seen better days. People (older people) remember the 1970s and wish they could go back to that time when the storefronts in the town were not empty. They just bought a lot of words and a soft dream of the past. They did not vote intelligently or even with their own interests in mind. They did not think of (maybe are not aware?) the cultural complexity here in the United States or how many years have passed since that hazy moment in the past they remember so fondly (and that wasn’t all that great).

      • Old is Gold after all..Yeah.. I agree about this side too. There are some or perhaps many who really didn’t even think about the bigger picture.
        I also came across some people who voted one only to ‘not vote the other’! :p

  5. I think that one of the things that happened was because Clinton was projected to win by such a large percentage, people voted against her just because they thought that Trump could not possibly win and their vote wouldn’t matter. Boy were they surprised. 🙂

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