Mi Familia Mexicana, un Sueño

“I should’ve found a nice Mexican guy, married him, had lots of kids, been part of a huge extended family, had great barbecues in the backyard with tequila and carne asada, and done the Mexican two-step under colored lights on the concrete patio. That’s what I should’ve done with my life.”

“What are you talking about?”

“It would have simplified things like getting my roof fixed. Chayo’s cousin would’ve been a roofer.”

“OK, seems a little nuts to me. You wouldn’t have been able to do the things you’ve done if you’d taken that road.”

“Yeah, but, here I am at the end of the day and all I’m worried about is a broken garage door and a hole in my garage roof. That has, by the way, been the story of my life.”

“What if Chayo’s brother wasn’t a roofer? What if he was, I dunno, a biochemist?”

“That’d be OK. Because Lupe’s cousin Tomás would’ve been a roofer.”

“Who’s Lupe?”

“You know Lupe. She’s my sister-in-law’s half sister?”

“Good god.”

“I love those families. Some of the best times of my middle years were at those parties, sitting around laughing at everything at nothing.”

“You understood them?”

“Hablo Español, dork. No muy bien, pues suficiente.”

“I forgot. I would’ve been out of the loop.”

“That’s your fault. Anyone can learn another language. I always thought it was funny when I sat between a grandma and her grandkid and translated.”

“I guess it must have been funny.”

“I loved it. Going to baby showers, drinking tequila, laughing. Lots, and lots of laughing.”

“From what you’ve told me, some of those parties got pretty violent.”

“The teenagers, but not when the whole family was there and a little kid was trying to bash a piñata. You don’t know. It’s an experience you never had. But I had it and I’m grateful for it. Amo la cultura Mexicana con todo mi corazon. And, I wish I’d married Chayo and SOMEONE in the family could fix my damned garage.”


P.S. Small political statement. I believe that our society is enriched by immigrants. My life would have been — and would be — much less if I had not had the chance to know people from many different cultures and nations. I believe that foreign languages should be taught in our schools starting in kindergarten and not as a “subject” but as a real language. I believe that isolating the US is one of the biggest mistakes of the current administration.



8 thoughts on “Mi Familia Mexicana, un Sueño

  1. Now you see my biggest mistake. I married a Swiss – no tequila only röschti and cows in the back garden He cannot even yodel.

  2. I am in agreement with you 100%. The only way we can stay the world’s great melting pot is if we keep adding things to the mix.

    • 🙂 Yep. Where I live now, in the remote and isolated San Luis Valley, the Hispanics and Whites are pretty separate and I think that’s just been the way it’s been since the white settlers came. I think it’s a shame.

  3. I have — until Uxbridge — ALWAYS lived in diverse, mixed neighborhoods. When my son was a baby and we were moving, I specifically wanted a house in a mixed neighborhood because I wanted him to grow up understanding that people don’t need to all look the same. One of the things I miss living here is a singular lack of diversity. Very few immigrants. One language. Except for Garry, everyone is white white white. Actually, I think we ARE the diversity in the neighborhood!

    • I wish people here did not segregate, but no one looking at me would recognize how truly Hispanic I am. It’s just the way it goes — I’ve only gotten to speak Spanish once since I moved here and it was very refreshing because the person I am in Spanish is a little more easy-going. I don’t know why. And yeah — you and Garry together bring Uxbridge quite a lot of diversity. 🙂

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