Home Improvement Wheel of Fortune

Yesterday I was thinking about the Wheel of Fortune as it was envisioned in medieval times, how sometimes you’re on top, the king, and then — with for no explicable reason, you’re on the bottom, a beggar. “Sometimes you’re up, sometimes you’re down.” “What goes around comes around.”

The home improvement projects are moving along. The kitchen sink drains have been repaired for less than I feared, but enough. The new garage door has been ordered and the cost is more than I hoped, but less than it could’ve been. The garage roof is the last remaining struggle. Just to get roofers to look at it has been the challenge, but now two “companies” have come out, one of them two Amish guys and their Hispanic driver. The Amish have had to make some adjustments so they can make a living in this vast valley. They were up on the roof, measured and diagnosed the problem in less than 5 minutes, proposed and explained the solution to me, and left. No small talk, no customer relations kind of thing, all business. I liked it.

Tomorrow an Irishman (Callahan) is coming out to look and I expect the opposite. Last week a “normal” roofing company came, but I have yet to see the estimate.

So it goes and I am somewhat imprisoned by this, but when it’s over, it will be good and I’ll be on a better spot on the “wheel.”


6 thoughts on “Home Improvement Wheel of Fortune

  1. The Amish have taken over much of the sprinkler system, roofing, and handy home repair business in Craig because they are efficient, less expensive, businesslike. It’s good that your home repairs are nearing the end — for now. It seems there is always something that needs work when you own a home.

    • Right now, with everything being equal, and no estimates from anyone, I’m betting on the Amish, too. Anyway, I wrote about them. I owe them. 🙂

  2. I”m going through the same process. I ordered the door and sidelights. More money than I can afford, but less than I expected. Installation by son and friends. Still need to buy all the other parts of the installation — two by fours and flooring and paint and weather stripping. I can’t really afford any of it, so at a certain point, it really doesn’t matter. It’s ALL too much money. But houses cost money and there’s no way around it. Living in my car isn’t all that attractive, especially with the dogs.

    • It costs a lot. For me it came down to doing it a crappy way that won’t last or the right way that might last longer. It’s too expensive and really not what I want to spend my money on because I don’t care at all about home improvement. I wish I hadn’t bought a house at all, but what was I going to do with three dogs? I wish I’d bought a motorhome and we traveled around instead of being stuck in this podunk town repairing a house. These three dogs would all do fine with that kind of lifestyle. They’re leash trained. They stay with me when I’m in the house anyway. We could travel the country instead of this.

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