It’s a bit earlier than I usually write this and a bit earlier than I usually get up. My brain is still dreaming though I’ve managed to make coffee and breakfast and feed the dogs. Unfortunately, my favorite part of sleep is the hour or so before I get up and that would be going on right now. But I like this time of day.

I was thinking about routine. I like routine and so do the dogs. If anything, they are more tied to doing this thing at this time than I am. For me it’s a scaffolding on which I can hang adventure, and today I’m going to Taos with a friend. It’s a 1 1/2 hour drive from here. My friend is an artist — usually she works with fiber and makes “wearable art” — and has work hanging in two galleries. For the last month she’s had a large wall show hanging in one of the galleries and we’re going to take it down.

I never imagined I’d live where I do. In my memory/imagination Taos and Santa Fe were exotic locales one went to for special reasons or because one was very lucky. Even when I was looking at Monte Vista on the map before moving here, I never put it into the bigger picture, looking beyond the boundaries of Colorado.

Taos has been a magnet for artists for a century or longer. I imagine everyone connects it with Georgia O’Keefe. It’s strange to think of D. H. Lawrence having lived there, but he did. What a jaunt from the coal mines of Yorkshire, England to the high desert of northern New Mexico.

The photo above is wild mint growing beside the ditch next to the Monte Vista golf course. When I crushed a leaf, the fragrance was very mild but definitely spearmintlike, the leaves are a little bristly and the flowers are a magnet for the bees.

5 thoughts on “Magnet

  1. Good morning, Martha! Early for you and late for me. It is pouring rain down here in sunny FL, so I am biding my time before heading out to work. I would so rather be heading to some exotic town instead….

  2. Yes you are a little earlier, although here it is now afternoon, so I had a look in. Georgia O’Keefe, the lady with the skulls and desert paintings that even extended her painting to the wooden frame – Love her pictures, went to an exhiition once in Zürich. Beware mint. It if it grows in the wilds, but not in the garden. I once had spearmint, and it took over, was sprouting up everywhere and I never used it for anything. Looks good, but out in nature. Spearmint can take over.

    • I used to grow spearmint and peppermint because I liked making tabouli and had a lot of Arab students at the time who would come over and cut some for their own tabouli, but it is a monster. The only thing that made it move out was I got dogs, they dug holes and we had a drought. I’m not planting it. I’m taking a risk as it is by putting basil in the ground… 🙂

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