RV Parade

I live on a major US highway — the only thing that keeps that from being hell is that it’s not a major highway many people use. It goes from one empty rural area through several others over a high mountain pass with no sexy destinations (such as Aspen) to its terminus on the Navajo reservation. For two months of the year — Memorial Day to Labor Day — I get to see the latest in recreational vehicles.

Gone is the Skamper, a low-budget camping solution whose time has gone (1980s…)


My favorite is the caravan beginning with a motorhome (costing several times the value of my house) pulling a Hummer (or equivalent) on the back of which is a rack carrying bicycles. I call it the “Descent of Wheels.” I’ve even seen one pulling two cars — a 4WD and a little electric car (on which were fastened bicycles). I get it. If I’d had my wits about me when I retired, I’d be one of those guys instead of what I am, a little old lady with a lawn mower.

BTW, there was scamperage in my backyard last night. Bear caught a mouse as it was scampering around doing mouse things.



6 thoughts on “RV Parade

  1. Are those motor homes not crazy?! My husband always smiles and says, “Yes, they must get all of 10 MPG.”

    • Mostly here they are people from Texas who spend the summer (and their money) in our mountains. I guess they are dragging a house around, but on some level I think they are more about showing they can buy one than about having a place to stay. I don’t know… My aunt and uncle had one and lived in it half the year. 10 mpg on a down hill. 😉

  2. I look at those HUGE RVs and I don’t care what anyone say, that’s like driving a double semi. You can’t go anywhere with them, really, they are simply too huge. My idea would be to have a little one, just big enough for us and the dogs and maybe some kind of potty and a spot to cook so you could go anywhere. With those things, you might as well stay home.

    • People park them and leave them then use their cars to travel around. They must have $$$$. I had a small truck and a little trailer. That was perfect. Park the trailer, wander around with the truck, come “home” at night to cook supper and sleep in my own bed.

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