Mindy T. Dog

Mindy has pluck and a good attitude. When the bombs were bursting in air last night (well into the wee hours of the morning) Mindy was chill. She was chill during the fireworks the night before and the night before, while big, strong, fierce Dusty T. Dog was about to shit himself (expression only, please, don’t get all imaginative). Even Polar Bear Yeti T. Dog did not have the resilience or fortitude of little old Mindy T. Dog.

Mindy is an Australian shepherd with, apparently, a congenitally bad hip. When we (a friend and I) adopted her 6 years ago, we thought (and the rescue though) she was a 10 year old dog. Nope. In any case, she is today the same calm and plucky creature she was back then. My vet examined Mindy soon after we moved here and said, “She was born with one leg longer than the other. Maybe a puppy-mill dog.”

She is now an old dog, but she still dances in rapturous joy when she sees me and hears the word, “Eat.”  She also plays with Bear who is twice her size.

Mindy was the victim of a divorce. Her “person” (the wife) left and the husband had no idea what to do with Mindy so he left her in the back yard and put out bags of dog food. When we first saw Mindy, she looked like Jabba the Hut with curly fur…

Now she’s svelte and fit. She has a heart-melting face and a sweet personality. She has the magical ability to make everyone around her feel better.


18 thoughts on “Mindy T. Dog

  1. I must say I have never known anyone before that specialises in giant dogs. Mindy seems to be the leader of the pack.

    • I guess in her quiet way she’s the leader. Once in a while Dusty snaps at her and that makes me furious. Otherwise, Bear adores her and Dusty ignores her. I love her, of course. ❤

  2. Sounds like my kind of dog: calm, sweet, appreciative, and thanks to you and your friend who adopted her, she had the opportunity to develop those qualities. You did a good thing.

    • I think I can say pretty safely no one has ever loved me like Mindy does. She wanted to be my dog and for three years she was my friend’s dog. That was OK with her, but when she came to stay with me when he traveled, she didn’t want to go home. Now she’s my dog and all she does is love everyone. No flash, just sweetness and calm. ❤

  3. ‘Australians’ make Truly Great Mates! 😉 Good to see Mindy T is continuing the tradition.

    Love all the photos of your dogs – you seem to have been overly blessed, in this area at least!


  4. Haven’t had a dog in years too many to count. Hasn’t been feasible. I do remember the adoring look in the lab’s face and the humour of the terrior. One belonged to each brother while I had a big old fluffy cat. They enjoyed good times together romping and playing. Something special about a dog that has that kind of personality.

      • Yes, they are indeed! Fun! by any other name might be “dog” in my case, a cat who plays hide and seek, tag, chase me and even talks. He says ou(ch) if the water’s too hot for a bath and when he’s desperate to get outside, “you”. He comes when I call, and follows like a pup. Truly an amazing creature.

    • Cats are great. I had a Siamese named “Naggy” who was like a dog but even better. She rode in the car with me, slept with me, protected me. Just an amazing creature. She’s also why I will never get a cat when I live on a busy street, like now. ❤

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