Dusty T. Dog Speaks Out on Dog Food

I haven’t written a blog post before because I’m a dog, and the whole idea is silly since I don’t have disposable thumbs. What? OPPOSABLE thumbs, and I can’t see in two dimensions and, as my human says the whole process is fraught with problems so lets go take a walk. But it’s important that everyone know what my sisters and I find edible. What? It’s NOT important? My human says it’s not important.

When it comes to things to EAT it’s important to note that Mindy T. Dog, my sister, especially finds poop edible. I, personally, do not and neither does my “little” sister, Polar Bear Yeti T. Dog though, what Bear? I know you tried it when you were a puppy, I was about to tell everyone that. No, they won’t think you are a poop eater. For the record, Polar Bear Yeti T. Dog no longer eats poop.

Some of the food our human eats is very edible. Especially apples. All of us love apples and tomatoes, peas, zucchini, raspberries, watermelon, cantaloup and carrots. When Mindy T. Dog was on the slenderizing program, she never got a proper cookie, only carrots. Many humans think dogs are carnivores but we’ll eat pretty much anything we find edible. That can include cardboard and junk-mail. Some dogs will eat anything, but I know that leads to the V-E-T where I don’t want to go so I only eat what my human gives me.

Most of the time we eat dry dog food. This is good for us because it keeps our teeth strong. I’m 11 years old now and I still have all my own teeth. Mindy has hers, too, but they’re pretty ground down from chewing on rocks back in the sad days of her early life. Once in a while our human gives us tuna fish with our kibble. Polar Bear Yeti T. Dog gets wet food with her kibble every day because she’s a giant breed dog and some long story about that I don’t understand.

We also get a cookie in the evening and rawhide after breakfast. Our human gives us special treats, too. My special treat is the coffee and cream left in my human’s cup in the morning. Mindy gets a bit of banana and a strawberry every morning and Polar Bear Yeti T. Dog is the only one who gets wet food. The treats our human gives us are for each of us individually which makes them very special.

That’s the story on dogs and food as I know it.

Your friend,

Dusty T. Dog


9 thoughts on “Dusty T. Dog Speaks Out on Dog Food

  1. Meow Dusty
    You disappoint me, although perhaps dry dog food is better tasting than dry feline food, which is just an excuse for Mrs. Human to be lazy and pour it into the dish from the plastic bag. I cannot share your taste for poop, because it is not around long enough for me to try. As soon as Mrs. Human sees it in my recycling tray she empties it, so I don’t have a chance. We felines are carnivores, although I did once eat a piece of cheese, just to try it. One thing we have in common is avoiding visits to the V-E-T at all times. They are our common enemy, but do not forget Cats first at all times.
    Tabby T. Cat

      • Meow Dusty
        Please excuse my feline thought that when one dog does something all the other dogs do it as well. Of course not all dogs eat poop. Do you bury bones, or is that another feline illusion.
        Tabby T.Cat

        • Hi Tabby, Some dogs bury bones, but none of us do. My human says she’s never had a dog who did bury bones. But in our yard in California, there were many dog bones that had been buried by the dog who lived there before us. All of the canine breeds have different customs but we still (mostly) get along together. I have decided I do not like Australian cattledogs AT ALL. I thought it was enough that my nemesis, Joan, had moved away, but another one charged us when we were on a walk. Otherwise, I like everyone. Even Bullet. Yrs Always, DTD

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