And Then….

I had no idea it would make my garage look “legit” but it does. Now I have a garage that doesn’t leak and a door that opens, closes, locks and will keep the weather out.

It’s not a fancy door — there are really fancy garage doors out there — it’s uninsulated, white, no garage door opener — but it’s lightweight and easy to open.

Before the installer left he said, “Do you need a rope to reach this?” He was referring to the handle to bring the garage door down to close it. I got a little miffed. I’m 5’1″ but the door is LOW. It’s true about short people. We are fierce. We have — most of us — adjusted to a tall world. It’s always aggravating and amusing when a taller person 1) realizes how short we are and 2) starts attempting to accommodate it as if our height were a disability. Strangely enough, we mostly go around every day living perfectly normal lives that often include reaching the top shelf. Just so you tall people KNOW the big challenge for me (and I imagine other short people) is not reaching things; it’s carrying things that were designed for taller people. A suitcase, for example.

Next task is cutting back the lilac hedge…

17 thoughts on “And Then….

  1. Wow. So your profile pic is lifesize, huh? Just one of the many advantages you have at that height.

    (Nice garage door, btw. A girl must feel special.)


  2. No offence meant, but with your canine colleagues, perhaps a cattle truck would be a better idea – more room for everyone.

    • Ha ha ha ha — Considering that they all sleep together on a 5′ x 3′ pad on the living room floor I think they’ll do OK with a Jeep. 🙂

  3. LMAO It’s true, most things are made to accommodate 5’5 to 6′. Dragging that crap around is not easy. I’m 5’2 or 5’3 depending on the day, I was 5’5 so I guess somewhere along the way I shrunk a bit. hmmm lol I have a 6’1 son who assist with the ridiculously high stuff which is a godsend these days as I can no longer climb a ladder. I used to live by the addage, where there’s a will, there’s a way, and I usually found it 🙂

    • Counter tops are made for people 4 inches taller than I am which makes pouring something from a pan very awkward. My mom used to yell at me, “Why are you so clumsy?” I didn’t know why, but now I do. I have an old “dry sink” from the turn of the 19th century. The height of that counter is perfect for me.

      • Awesome about the sink. And Yes I agree. I have short legs so I have a serious problems with chairs. My legs go to sleep or get numb or cause terrible back ache.

          • haha awesome! I used to live in apartments well for 20 years anyway, and the counters in those suckers were so high that it worked for my 6’1 son and 5’10 daughter they thought it was great! guess who didn’t??? lol

  4. When you get that jeep, take the back seat out and put their bed in back. Of course, then you’ll be attacked by all the people who demand that they wear seat belt harnesses for safety.

  5. 😀 You and I between us are living proof that everything has downsides and upsides! If you’re a a tall woman, people assume you don’t need help with ANYTHING, and boy, is that a misconception – but one you learn to live with PDQ or they think you’re trying on weakness as a feminine wile.

    • My stepson and his wife are both well over 6 feet. There are times when we’ve been out and kind of laughed at our polar problems — barstool chairs at restaurant tables I can barely climb up on, lintels so low in doorways they have to duck. 😀

  6. My son is 6’4″ tall. He puts things on high shelves because they are convenient for him. AND they stay there until he comes back and takes them back down.

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