Too Much Drama

Periodically WordPress does something with the blog editor and it’s almost always buggy. Then the kinks get worked out then you go on to use the new blog editor with its spicy alterations and then they do it again. The most recent iteration has hidden my favorite blogs from view on my Reader, has given me a strange jumpy screen that will not properly load, has frozen my laptop attempting to load. Yesterday it told some of my readers that my blog was “not on this server.”

I’m a paying customer (as it happens) so this annoys me a little bit. I’m the first to say my blog is not the most important news of the morning, not to me or anyone else, but it’s a thing I do while I drink my coffee, the dogs chew their rawhide and I make the transition from sleep to wakefulness (probably obvious from my posts). Sometimes I am even inspired to write a spicy story.

Writing a blog is a completely elective activity for me. I’m past the point in life where I want drama or gratuitous change. In fact, I feel that’s a problem in this country. Rather than changing important things, we fuss about a lot of stuff that doesn’t matter.

In other news….

Yesterday my dog ran off. Bear. It was a terrifying event since I love Bear probably more than I should AND I live on a highway. She dived through the lilac hedge and got to the front sidewalk. I saw her and yelled, “Bear!” and I guess she thought she was in trouble because she high-tailed it toward the golf course, away from the highway, thank goodness.

Dusty and I went out to find her and failed. I came home to be sure Mindy was still inside because I left everything open. My neighbor, E,  texted me that she had some freshly picked green beans and I texted back, “Bear ran away,” and headed out the front door with Dusty. I unleashed Dusty so if he saw her, he would go get her (he would). I hadn’t gone 30 feet when I saw first, my next door neighbor, Tom, was outside in his front yard and Bear was coming up the street. I was behind a honeysuckle bush so my neighbor didn’t see me, but I saw what he did. He called Bear to him. Dusty went to Bear and both went to my neighbor. By then I’d caught up to them and we had a happy reunion. Meanwhile, E caught up to all of us. It was a really beautiful moment.

“I saw her run past so I decided to get out here and see if I could catch her and put her in my yard,” he said, “then come get you.” Tom is an old guy who just had a hip replacement.

E is in her mid-seventies. We stood in Tom’s yard and I tried to introduce Tom and E properly, but I was distracted so E finished what I started. We chatted and Bear leaned against me and Dusty got pats. I was pumped with adrenaline — a feeling I don’t like and have felt far too many times in my life.

We all went home — well, Tom stayed home — and Bear was exhausted. She was also strange. I realized she felt she’d been bad. I didn’t think she’d been bad. She came home. She was headed toward me when she saw Tom, whom she knows and likes. Probably when I yelled “Bear!” she thought I was angry — though I’ve only been angry with her twice. The day wore on, the adrenaline was slowly backing off, but I decided to take everyone for a walk at the slough before it started raining.

It was a miserable walk. It was humid, the air hung heavy, there were mosquitoes everywhere and none of us were happy. It was so strange. We came home and the afternoon routine unfolded in the predictable way dogs prefer. Then someone posted on Facebook a video of Glen Campbell singing “Gentle on My Mind” with John Hartford, who wrote the song. I’d never heard them sing it together. It was on the Smothers Brothers show.

I’m not a big fan of Glen Campbell and all of that was so long ago, but somehow it seemed to bring back eons of time, memories, events, visions of the future (in which I’m now living and it’s NOTHING like I envisioned) and the sense that it’s too late now for me to straighten THAT out (ha ha). I began to cry — I know it was an emotional release of the adrenaline and fear of Bear being hit by a semi-truck.

Bear climbed up on my lap (she is an 80 pound giant breed livestock guardian dog), put her muzzle on my cheek and looked at me. I was still crying. Bear went to sleep. I thought of the day and the incredible sweetness in that moment when two friends stood beside me because my dog had run away and I needed help.

Later on, a police car went by, its siren going. Dusty looked at me as if to say, “Well? It’s the right time for a howl, Martha” and I agreed. Dogs and wolves howl for many reasons, but one is to reaffirm their ties to their pack. When I had the Siberian huskies, it was a common thing at the end of the day when I came home, if they heard a “howl” (coyote or siren) they would come to where I was and we would assert our unity. It’s strange, but it’s what they do. Dusty learned this from his Siberian husky mother/sisters. I don’t remember Dusty EVER starting a “howl” but last evening he did. He doesn’t howl well, Bear mostly barks, Mindy only gives it a shot, but we all put our heads back and did our best.

Dogs aren’t people. Sometimes you have to meet them part way.

OH BTW, I’m composing this on WordPress’ old editor which is reliable, not difficult to use, and is accessible under WordPress Admin in your drop down menu.

10 thoughts on “Too Much Drama

  1. I was jogging through FB yesterday and noticed a few postings from you that it seemed Bear had decided to go AWOL but I somehow wandered off to another horizon and now I have read your blog here. What a shock. I have never had a dog, but from experiences I have heard from others, they do not always come home. I am glad it ended well and thank goodness for such good neighbours. I have had no problems with WordPress lately, which is a surprise. I have adopted my own system over the years, based on the reader and their newest way of writing a blog, and it works perfect. Perhaps I am just lucky. I am also not after success in WordPress, just enjoy being here and biding my time. Of course it is good when you realise someone actually reads what you write, but I also write for myself. It has somehow become a second branch of the family. It is only in the last couple of months that your blogs appear in the reader, but I find them whenever you write something.

    • 🙂 I often go to your blog through Facebook, but for most of the other blogs I read, I use the Reader so that was weird. Yeah, I live on a busy street and the biggest fear I have is that Bear runs into it. But I think I’m lucky that is my biggest fear. A lot of people in this world have to fear starvation and bombs… 😦

  2. I’m having the same issues and my blog comes up not found or not available, and dozens of people I usually read on a daily bases are unavailable as well. I too have a paid site and I find this less than stellar as you can usually return an item at a grocery store that is sub-standard. I’m trying to remain “less than spicy” in my remarks as I take my blog seriously enough that I use it to converse with you and many others and as a feedback on what I write. If it’s not available I can’t reach any of you, share and enjoy your blogs, and you can’t reach me. I’m not very impressed at this point.
    Like you, I’m not a Glen Campbell fan, but you are right, it was an age now long gone.
    Glad you found Bear and all is well. How wonderful is it to having caring involved neighbours. It’s something you see in older generations, but not so much with younger people I’ve found. That is a generic statement I know, but through my son’s job, I’ve found this to be so true. 20 – 40 sigh and swear when they have to assist in fixing their cable/phone/internet while dear 80 year olds crawl on the floor to make sure the connection is secure. My son always asks if they are capable before suggesting this option, as they will immediately send a tech out to fix the problem in that case. It’s a sad commentary on how lazy and entitled this generation has become.

  3. Bear–please don’t scare us like that any more! Gosh, Martha–I could just see someone ‘finding’ Bear and that would be the end of that. I thought you had fixed that lilac bush–this is not her first time doing this, right? Poor baby–she’s scared and Mama’s mad. So relieved for this happy ending.

  4. I can’t use their new editor. I can’t find things I need and use every day, so I have continued to use both the old editor and old dashboard. If they ever make them inaccessible, I don’t know what I will do.

    I’m SO glad Bear came home fine and everything is good.

    I don’t know who is seeing me and who isn’t. Half the people I visit are “No available on this server,” and I’m guessing so am I somewhere. I know I’m missing a couple of hundred visitors every day. It is really demoralizing because, like you, I actually pay my way so I expect at least consistent appearance on their server.

    At least I can tell you that I am getting you, though I do not know if you are getting me. I think a lot of comments people make aren’t showing up and I expect mine are not, either. I try not to let this get to me. After all, we have a president who thinks going eyeball to eyeball with the only national ruler nutsier than he is and threatening nuclear destruction is cool … and the worst part is that people actually seem to think it’s a good idea. You wouldn’t BELIEVE what I’ve heard people say about it. Like you can go blow up one country and it won’t affect any OTHER country. People are morons.

    Trust the dogs.

  5. It is such a relief that Bear returned. It is quite scary when they are gone, and one does not know how they are making out. We are just contemplating taking ours camping, and how they may react to various wildlife, and then how we will react in turn. But one step at a time, so far they do well on our walks around home. They always seem to know the way home.

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