Anti-Nazi Movement

I’ve read and seen so much over the last few days that my head hurts and my heart aches. So much of it is based on incomplete knowledge (not that my knowledge is complete) selective memory, stupidity and blatant desire. Most of it ignores the fundamental fact that we are all on this planet together. Those of us in the US are in this country together, black, white, yellow, pinkish/red and speckled (that’s me), young, old, rich, poor, smart, stupid… We’re here. Right now. We all have to make a life. We all want a good life. We all know that shit happens all the time. There are booby traps down the road — sinister ones like cancer, car accidents, dead children, loss of work, divorce. We all know this.

I’m bewildered by the lack of pragmatism in some of my fellow citizens.  If my life is good YOUR life is improved. It’s really very, very, very simple. My desiring a better life for my neighbors (and working toward that in some small way) takes NOTHING from me but enhances  my little world.

For this reason, I do not understand racism. What’s the point? When I hear discussions about race, they often turn on little points of definition, semantics. The long term goal of our society should be the best life possible for all the people in it. What doesn’t work in that direction should be questioned by everyone.

I’ve never felt “white guilt” or been ashamed of being white. That just seems absurd. Some of my ancestors owned slaves. Some of my ancestors stood on board a ship and waited for someone to buy them so they could get off the ship. Some of them died on the way. Some of them died in servitude. They weren’t me. Universally all of them worked toward a better future for their children. All of us look at our lives and say, “I don’t want my kids to live with this.” We have all done that. Generation after generation has worked in its small way toward improving life for the next generation.

I think one of the most appalling things that is happening in the US now is that forward movement has been stopped by the fuckhead who “leads” the country. 

So what is forward? Peace is forward. Prosperity is forward. Education is forward. Medical care for all is forward. It’s not hard to know which way to go, and I don’t know anyone who doesn’t want these things. Each of us works in our own way toward these things for ourselves, our families and our neighbors.

It has nothing to do with politics, race, religion, age, nothing. It is human nature when it is allowed to blossom. 

My black students cared more about my skin color than I cared about theirs. I got that. My brown students, also, noticed my whiteness more than I noticed their “brownness.” In China, of course, I stood out like a sore thumb, but I also forgot about my own skin color at a certain point until I was reminded by a green-eyed man from Sinkiang.

Sometimes I feel caged by my whiteness. I grew up in a world in which Spanish was spoken and Mexican people were loved and admired. I was shocked to find out that wasn’t the same everywhere. I wasn’t conscious of my “whiteness” until my Mexican neighbor in CA pointed it out by saying, “You’re the first nice white woman I’ve ever known.” Wow. In one sentence I learned that I’m white and that whites can be assholes for no other reason than that they’re white.

I’ve been in the middle of a family broken by “La Migra.” I’ve seen what black gang fights and the desperation of poverty can do to people of all ages. I’ve taught young people with PTSD returned from fighting the hopeless war against terror. My life has shown me that every person needs compassion. Every person deserves the respect of curiosity about who they are as individuals. 

I taught a black kid about a hundred years ago. It was an English class. Rap was semi-new (it was the early 90s). My students wrote a weekly journal. This kid wrote about his favorite music. They all knew mine (because they interviewed me). I don’t remember his words exactly but he wrote something like this, “Hey Martha, you won’t believe this because I’m a black guy, but I also love punk rock music. I’m not sucking up. I mean really. I like hardcore, just like you. I got to see Jello Biafra last summer and it was amazing.” He felt he had to prove he was telling me the truth and offered creds to legitimize his claim. I slipped a Sex Pisols sew-on patch I’d bought but hadn’t used into his journal so he’d know I understood. It appeared on his hat the next week.

I believe it’s human nature to seek commonality — and we will as long as we have honest interest in others.

When the Nazis (or the KKK, or the MAGA douchebags) dress in a uniform they are saying, “I have subsumed my individuality to the morality of this group. I am the lowest common denominator. I have abdicated my right to self-determination. I am no longer responsible for pursuing the highest good.” They are no longer fully human — by their own choice.

It’s a huge responsibility being fully human. We work hard all our lives to achieve that. There’s an old man at the end of my block. He’s Hispanic. His kids are junkies, so he is raising his grandsons. He’s a lovely, noble, gallant, old-school Hispanic man of the San Luis Valley. He rides his bike every day for exercise. He tips his hat when I’m outside and he goes by. “You’re working hard,” he said one day as I was sweating and mowing the lawn.

“I’m the only one here to do it,” I said.

“I know what you mean,” he said. “Have a beautiful day.”

The fuckhead in Washington knows NOTHING about these individual people, but we all do. That’s where we live, in the grainy reality of human effort and ordinary kindness.

20 thoughts on “Anti-Nazi Movement

    • I think it’s horrible. I hope someone figures out what to do. For my part, I am willing to die. I will fight. I will fight for the memory of Mr. Baer my piano teacher, for all the students who learned from me, for all the people who have not been born yet who do not deserve this. I will fight for the love that the people of this town bear each other in spite of being different from each other. I will fight because Switzerland probably wouldn’t give me asylum 😉

  1. It is so heartbreaking to see this regime fill our white house, Yes I said OUR and OUR congress will not stop what is happening. We have to speak out…I see so many bouquets of words but this calls for standing up, silence is complicity.

    • Standing up is sometimes done by simply not playing. Along with what they’re doing, is what they’re not doing and they are not listening. I’m ready to fight.

          • So true. Some people are afraid to vote…Trump wanted the personal information on voters from the states…all the states refused except our moron Gov. here in Florida…after I wrote to him too! Lol…not funny. Fortunately, that was not carried out but may not be a dead issue.

            • I think most states have resisted to a greater or lesser extent. There was HUGE protest in Colorado and people unregistered THEN there was the awakening, “Hey, maybe that’s what they want! We purge the voter rolls ourselves!” He has got to be impeached (at the very least) and all his nasty little minions with him including Pence

  2. Very small kids couldn’t care less about skin colour – or any other differences. They look for commonality. They want someone to play with. But it doesn’t last long. A lot of it’s taught, obviously. But maybe it’s instinctive as well. The desire to have standing in the pack, and later, the desire to snare the prey for MY family, stepping on your face along the way if necessary, by any means at my disposal. So while I’d like to agree with you that it’s simple, I’m not sure it is. There’s a lot of history to overcome. And a leader who favours divisiveness over co-operation. Co-operation would threaten his leadership

    • I think racism is indoctrinated into a culture. My town is racist out of habit. The Whites and Hispanics pretty much stay apart. I believe it is somewhat instinctive, related to fear of the unfamiliar. I don’t know the answer but I know day-by-day, most of the time, most of us get along with each other. I really blame this on fuckhead. We were doing pretty well for the past 8 years and we had a black president and he had the highest approval rating of actually ANY president. 😦

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