Rambling, Boring Quotidian Epistle

It’s interesting living in a remote part of the nation. I’m glad I picked it, but the problems it brings are different than you might find in a lot of more civilized places. For one, the slough. In six weeks, hunting season starts. That means hiking at the slough — for the first month of hunting season anyway — is a little risky. Dusty wears his hunting jacket and maybe this year Bear will wear hers too. As for me? Well, I think my dogs are orange enough in their vests.

Yesterday my neighbor, Bob, and I put up the Bear Proof Fence. I hope it’s Bear proof. I hope she doesn’t test it. It’s a simple fence — T-posts and pig wire — not the toughest fence in the world, but definitely a barrier. I might find a way to cover the fence with something Bear can’t see through.

In other news the rock painting frenzy seems to have slowed down — I don’t really go anywhere to hide them beyond our usual walk, and hardly anyone is hiding them here. For that matter, the town is so small that EVERYONE could be hiding them and there still would be few rocks around. I think the best plan is to paint a bunch and put them in my car and when I AM somewhere (store, etc.), then hide them. It’s a great fad — the first one I’ve hopped on in my life. Winter will put the kybosh on it, I’m afraid. 😦

I’ve been fighting a sinus infection for a month or more. It’s a residual symptom of AERD. It’s not fun and I don’t want to go to the doctor. I think my doctor is an idiot and I’m afraid of antibiotics. That is a Gordian Knot. I’ve become very mistrusting of the medical profession since 2004 (I was 52) when my advanced stage osteoarthritis in the hip was misdiagnosed by a doc who didn’t even send me for hip X-rays when I had all the symptoms. His reasoning, “You’re too young for osteoarthritis.” More scary incompetence later — including having recently been prescribed Cipro even though I’m over 60 and take a steroid, resulting in a torn Achilles tendon — has left me skittish. I wish someone would appear and say, “Hello, I’m Lamont, the Good Doctor from the West, and I’m here to appropriately, accurately and helpfully respond to your symptoms without making you worse!”

Anyway, I know we all have these stories. 😦

I trust my dogs’ vet, though. Maybe I should talk to them?


8 thoughts on “Rambling, Boring Quotidian Epistle

  1. As we get older we have a new theme for discussion – and somewhere the next pain will arrive. At least life gets exciting. I am also not a lover of doctors, although mine is OK. Our doctors like to send you to a specialist and eventually you embark on a journey into the unknown. Look after yourself and stay well.

    • I wish my docs had sent me to specialists. When I sent myself, I got some help — but it is a journey into the unknown. 😦 I’m going to have to do something about this, but I’m afraid it will mean a long drive to a city.

  2. Duke, at least, won’t jump a fence he CAN see through. It has to be solid. I think the holes confuse him. The only worry you’ve got is if she charges at it because there’s something interesting on the other side. But we’ve done well with that kind of fence, so I’ve got my fingers crossed for you.

    You need a better doctor.

    • People around here kill for food and because the herds get too big for the available forage. Those animals are killed by the Bureau of Land Management and given to people in need — and that’s a lot of people where I live. We only have one animal top predator out here — mountain lions — and their population is stable but not enough to keep the elk and deer population at a stable level.

      Mostly where I hike it’s people hunting duck and geese, also for food. They are only allowed to use muzzle loaders or bows and arrows in the area where I walk my dogs, but I’ve seen shotgun shells (grrrr).

      I also don’t understand killing as sport. And when I see someone has killed an animal from an endangered species or any animal just for a trophy I’m livid.

  3. Wow. I’ve had osteoarthritis since my 40s. Find a good orthopedist. The only reason I can still hike at all is cortisone injections in my knees.

    • I found a good orthopedist and had hip resurfacing 10 years ago. 🙂 As for my knees well, down hill is hard but everything else is fine. Luckily my hiking pals think I’m worth waiting for at the bottom.

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