Ooh l’amour

Goethe believed it was a gift to be capable of falling blindly, stupidly, passionately, irredeemably in love — like an adolescent — in old age. Of course, when he was in his 80s, he proposed marriage to a 17 year old girl.

He felt pretty stupid when she turned him down. He even had a broken heart along with shattered pride. And then, resilient man that he was, he began to see the funny side.

When I was a youthful wight,
So full of enjoyment and merry,
The painters used to assert, in spite,
That my features were small — yes, very
Yet then full many a beauteous child,
With true affection upon me smiled.

Now as a graybeard I sit here in state,
By street and by lane held in awe, sirs;
And may be seen, like old Frederick the Great,
On pipe-bowls, on cups, and on saucers.
Yet the beauteous maidens, they keep afar;
Oh, vision of youth! Oh, golden star! (“When I Was”)

Plato had a different opinion on this question. He felt he was well out of the whole thing when he was too old to be interested in young men/women any more. He described that period of life as a terrible storm and insanity. I don’t have the quotation any more anywhere, but that’s the jist of it.

Infatuation, love, whatever it is called, pulls a person away from their status quo. Life is set in motion and there is the chance of transformation. THAT is something to be open to at any age. Maybe that’s what Goethe meant?

The last thing I was enamored of was a big white puppy. I don’t regret that a BIT.


7 thoughts on “Ooh l’amour

  1. Enamoured by a big white puppy is always good. Goethe probably didn’t have a dog or cat, otherwise he would have had a different outlook on being enamoured.

    • and endearing. That’s one of the charms of dogs. They do things that surprise you and you go, “Oh, Dusty.” Or whatever his name is. 🙂

  2. As an old man I find I still desire the same kinds of women I desired as a young man. But then, as a young man I also found older women to be desirable.

    • I think the younger man/older woman thing is a lot more common (it is in my experience) than our society accepts, acknowledges, is aware of, whatever.

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