The Dogs Don’t Like It

The dogs don’t like the rearrangement of the living room. I think they find it unlivable. Mindy in particular is having a very hard time with it. Now I see how much she doesn’t see because with things in unfamiliar places plus she has to “make do” with the other end of the sofa. She is no longer able to get to the front door in the same way, either and she LOVES the front door where she can go out to the lawn and visit all the people who come by in the morning. She could still go out the front door, but the floor freaks her out. She’s not a happy dog. She had clearly memorized her route. The wood floors are slippery and someone ( dum dee dum dee dum, who?) needs to clip her nails. I don’t mind clipping them. SHE minds me clipping them. We’ll probably go see uncle vet next week and someone will do that for us…

Uncle Vet hasn’t seen Mindy in three years. Last time I called for a refill of her meds I was told, “Uncle Vet says you should bring in your dogs for a check up. We haven’t seen them in a while and they all need shots.”

“OK. How about today?”

“We’re booked solid.”

My vet treats large animals, even bigger than Dusty and Bear. Sometimes people bring their bull, cow or horse to the vet in a livestock trailer. I’ve been there when the vet was outside in the parking lot checking out four sheep in a trailer. I like my vet very, very much. The first visit was in September 2014 and the “patient” was Mindy. The vet lifted her up on the examining table, checked out her musculoskeletal structure and said, “This poor pup was born with one leg longer than the other.” Mindy’s limp explained, and an explanation of why she’s always had a hard time getting around and why she was not an old dog when my friend adopted her, just gimpy.

In other news, though you cannot tell it from where you are, I am writing on a new laptop. I’ve had it for months, but as the other one was working mostly OK, I didn’t feel the need to switch. Yesterday the track pad on the old computer began acting as if it had a mind of its own and the “e” key decided it was done.

This MacBook Pro looks very like the old one (one wants more change when one invests a lot of money) but it is different. It’s lighter. the on/off switch is now a key. The trackpad is more responsive than the old one ever was. I’m sure in time the keys will wear down as they have on all my laptops (and desk tops). It’s faster than the old one ever was. I plan to use it differently, too.

11 thoughts on “The Dogs Don’t Like It

  1. I can imagine the problems with Mindy. Our Fluffy was completely blind and if we moved the furniture he had problems, but not long, Within a week he knew the new arrangement and could again jump onto a chair and down with no problem. He sort of sniffed his way along and I am sure he never realised so much that he was blind. I visit the vet once a year with Tabby, my remaining cat, but she never seems to have big problems. I think she is one of the tough ones, a completely normal tabby cat now 15 years old, with the Macdonalds M on the forehead.

    Your keyboard reminds me a bit of when I was learning to type russian and I had small stickers with the cyrillic alphabet on the keys, but that was an older computer. I treated myself to a MacBook Pro a couple of years ago and I remember it was the most expensive model Apple had at the time. It still works perfectly. I don’t care for the new model where you can operate it by using various keys. I love my Mac. It is quite light weight. I just wish it had more room. OK, a golden oldie like me has no great wishes except for computers, so I also got my myself a new microsoft Acer model a couple of years ago with Windows 10 and have the best of both worlds. I keep my photos on my Acer and usually type my WP blogs on my Apple. Our computer man says he does not know many computer users that use both types of computer, but I felt at home with my Mac straight away.

    • I didn’t buy the MacBook Pro with the fancy strip. It’s a new idea, may not last, and my not work that well. I’ve had only Macs since the 80s when it was clear that Amiga wasn’t happening any longer. I used PC’s at work. I was always surprised by people who had the “All Mac” or “All PC” mentality. They’re just tools. Macs have always been more “user friendly” — that was the marketing pitch of Apple from the beginning. PC’s had the cache of being “a computer guy’s computer” — and I know a lot of men (especially) who thought they were big shots because they used PC’s. DOS was like a secret language for only the REAL computer guys. Since in the 80s I was teaching programming, I didn’t see the big deal.

      I still don’t. I don’t care what I use as long as it works. I pay $1000 for this tool and it had better do what I need it to do. But this one is not going to see as much internet action as my old one. I can use my phone to google what King Donald is doing today. 🙂

  2. Carpet runners is how I solved my dogs’ slip and slide issue. Sometimes it was hilarious. A dog would suddenly jump up and start running at full tilt but would only slowly start moving. Reminded me of Saturday morning cartoons.

  3. We also have hardwood floors and it brings constant amusement when the cat(s) get frisky. Racing around sliding into walls and half way around a corner as they chase back and forth. Strategically placed mats worked well for a time until they decided they were the place for hairballs (yech). I crocheted old sheeting into massive long mats (christmas presents for all yay) but one word of warning, they are HEAVY to wash and dry. Consequently they have all one by one ended in the garbage as it takes hours to dry them. Pretty, lasted 1 1/2 years but now done. I think I’m ok with them sliding across the floor. A little humour every day mwahaha.

  4. Our dogs went into panic mode when we put in the new door because the dog door isn’t where it used to be. Duke didn’t care. He hasn’t been here long enough to get programmed. But Bonnie and Gibbs actually did a protest on the front steps until Garry went out there and told them to get their furry asses in the house or they wouldn’t get any dinner. It was probably the word “dinner” that did it.

    I’ve used Macs and I’ve used PCs. Now, the PCs are much cheaper for what I need which is a honking big graphics engine for all the pictures. Getting that much oomph in a Mac would have cost me at the least a second mortgage on the house. So PC it is … and I never thought the Mac was particularly friendlier than a PC. If you understand both, there’s no difference except it’s a hell of a lot cheaper to fix a PC.

    Right now, Duke is trying very hard to bully the Scotties. This doesn’t work with Bonnie because she’ll bite your nose off if you mess with her, but Gibbs is a wimp, so Duke doesn’t have to do very much to push him around. There’s only so much I can do to fix this. In the end, they have to work out a social arrangement that works for them, but I do what I can. Gibbs could EASILY give the Duke a run for his money, but he won’t.

    I have finally sold all my extra unused computers. I had more than I needed because I used to work at home — and needed at least one that was officially “work-related.” But that was 10 years ago. What I now had was too many computers, two of which were NEVER used by anyone. So Owen and Dave bought the two desktops and I gave the spare laptop to Kaity and voila, just three computers … two nice laptops for me and Garry and one minimal lightweight I keep in the bedroom … plus the Kindles and the phone and a tablet I never use … never HAVE used and don’t even know why I got it. Like a few of my crappy cameras. I have no idea why in the world I got them in the first place. I think my brain is broken.

    • PCs tend to need fixing more often I noticed when I had one on my desk in my office. I think at this point it’s a matter of personal taste and what a person wants to do and what a person is used to. I never got into the one is better than the other argument. I saw too many of those escalate into shouting matches. The smartest thing Mac did was put in the Intel chip. 🙂 But now I don’t think it matters much — back when we toted around floppy disks that had been subscribed to a particular operating system it was different. Now we can just put stuff on line and work with it anywhere. I think that’s awesome.

      I have two cameras and no longer want either of them. I gave a third to my friend’s developmentally disabled son, but he likes film! :O He hasn’t quite figured out he can put his photos on his Facebook page (with his mom’s help). Mostly he takes pictures of cows, dogs, his friends with their dogs and Bear whenever he gets the chance.

  5. That’s so funny! It sounds like it takes them a bit to accept the moves furniture.

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