Boring Quotidian Post # 42

Not the morning I planned… I actually WOKE up and it was already nearly 10. That’s 2 HOURS later than usual. What??? Then…

Mindy’s been under the weather for two days. I don’t know if it’s the stress of the moved furniture or something more critical… But I spent a good part of (it wasn’t all that good) yesterday cleaning, and I had to clean this morning before breakfast (coffee).

If it’s just the moved furniture? I don’t want to move the furniture back where it was. I LIKE it this way, but…

I might have slept so late because Dusty and Mindy got into a fracas this morning at 1. I think Mindy jumped (relative term) off the sofa, landed on Dusty in his sleep and his first reaction was to bite her head. That resulted in a lot of noise, woke me up, sprang me out of bed (relative term) and into the living room. Mindy was sad and scared. Dusty was repentant, Bear wondered what she had done wrong.

This left me so discombobulated this morning that after I put my coffee together I opened the fridge to put the coffee pot inside.

I had plans this morning but as there is no longer a morning, I’ll have to figure something out.

In other news, I decided to put all my hiking stories together in a book. I worked on it yesterday 🙂 I like it but I also saw that they are ordinary stories about hiking in an ordinary place in which I acquired extraordinary vision and had a lot of fun. ❤

17 thoughts on “Boring Quotidian Post # 42

  1. Perhaps you should have asked the dogs before you moved the furniture. On the other paw, they should get used to the new arrangement eventually Cats are easier they just take over everything. I also like to keep my sleep patterns. Putting the coffee in the fridge is a good sign that your aging process is normal. Mr. Swiss just boiled a pot full of water for something he was not cooking, these things happen. At least we can keep out of mischief with our various projects.

    • 😀 Ha ha ha! OK but I’m going to continue to delude myself into believing that the reason I started to put the coffee in the fridge is because it was at that exact moment I realized (through signals coming from my brain to my foot) that Mindy had been sick again in the night.

  2. I suggest (especially with dogs who, after all, still can’t talk) we sometimes connect two events as if one led to or is part of the other, I have been utterly wrong about this several times. Mindy is probably sick and it has nothing to do with furniture. This is just us humans adding 1 + 1 and getting 11. She isn’t acting distressed. She sounds sick. Maybe she ate something nasty outside? But I doubt furniture is causing this.

    • I doubt it too. I think she’s sick, but not very sick. I’m going to cook chicken, rice and egg for her later and see how that works. She’s perky and happy otherwise. 😦 I think she ingested some of the cardboard box Bear shredded.

  3. Honestly I forgot dogs don’t speak typical human language. Until i read Marilyn’s comment I totally felt Mindy, Dusty and Bear told you about the whole story that happened while you were sleeping! 😉 in some way I still believe they actually do speak with you in universal buddy language ❤

  4. Animals are such interesting creatures! I’m sorry you had such an interrupted sleep. I too had an up and down night, and when I made coffee, instead of dropping the fresh grounds into the basket, dumped them right into the top of the coffee maker, the thing that holds the thing for the coffee grounds, not once, but twice, even after having to scrub the entire thing they didn’t make their way into the coffee pot and or brew….. my daughter and I laughed until I nearly cried. I make coffee for everyone in the morning. I’m a coffee drinker personified so daily make lots of the stuff, but that was the beginning to my day yesterday. hahaha good to laugh at oneself. surely! snickers loudly. I do regularly it seems!

    • I’m sort of glad to know your brain doesn’t work 100%, either, but still… I think I might be tired and still dealing with the after-effects of antibiotics and Prednisone. I hope so, otherwise, I’m going to have to look in at the home and see if there’s room 😉

    • by then I knew what it looked like. I did see some people make grave mistakes, gathering the pretty red branches and leaves for autumn arrangements in their homes. I once watched a girl bury her face in a bunch of poison oak she’d picked. I decided to keep silent. It was too late. I got it from some leafless spring branches, once. They literally drew blisters on my calves. 🙂 Oh the fun we have in nature.

      • I got poison ivy from some bushes when I was 17. Never made that mistake again. If they aren’t careful, nudies can be more vulnerable to this than the textile impaired. I’ve been at this for decades and avoiding things many people worry about happens subconsciously.

  5. Poor Mindy–she is not having a good of things. You are so on trend, with that ‘cold brew coffee’ thing, Martha. You just keep on…. 😀

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