Educate? Ha ha ha ha ha ha, OMG! Ha ha! Laugh Emoticon

Been there. Done that. 38 years. Made a difference. (Ha ha ha ha ha ha, OMG! Ha ha! Laugh Emoticon.) Moved on.

Still working on the hiking with dogs book. I decided to include photos of dogs. Who doesn’t like photos of dogs? No one. Everyone yearns — secretly or openly — for more photos of dogs.

The white dog is Ariel Punky, she was a Siberian Husky/low content wolf. Her sidekick is Mathilda, a sheltie chow mix I had only for a short time. I found her another home. She was an awesome dog, but too feisty to live with four old dogs (Truffle, Molly, Kelly and Lupo). Ariel was unlike any other dog I’ve lived with. To find out how, you’ll have to read the book 😉

Ariel and Matilda in the Laguna Mountains! copy

12 thoughts on “Educate? Ha ha ha ha ha ha, OMG! Ha ha! Laugh Emoticon

  1. She does look a bit on the werewolf side, but I am sure you coped well. How do you feel on full moon nights? I mean I am not fussy, but when you eventually visit, then perhaps choose a moonless night or something less then full. Cannot have the neighbours talking.

    • Absolutely.

      I don’t think I made a whit of difference in the lives of my students. I think it was a big fucking joke the whole time. I think it has to be. Teachers have to be convinced that what they are doing matters or they wouldn’t do it. There’s very little other reward. I regret the entire 38 years and consider it a complete waste of my life, honestly. Yes, there were a handful of students who “got it” — but they would have gotten it without me. The best you get is hero worship, and I got some of that but so what? And now everyone who sees me thinks, immediately, “retired teacher” And I feel ashamed. Bleah.

      I should have been a cowboy. 😉

  2. That astonishes me tbh. I think teaching is one if not THE most important job anyone could have. The ability to shape minds and or lives with a positive realistic outlook is astounding. I remember the first day my daughter came home from kindergarden. It was “the teacher this” or ” the teacher that” and at that moment, I knew I was far from the only influence in her life, bested by the teacher. In this case, not a good thing, as she was so overboard on “eating healthfully” that she scared my daughter into refusing to eat ANYTHING because her “teacher said” and it took a year for her to understand that eating sensibly is right, healthy and important. So, yes teachers have an incredible amount of power and influence. Sometimes, scarily so. To those who enjoy care share I applaud you all. Just sayin’.

    • Teaching is a noble profession. I agree. I just wish I’d done something else. I had opportunities I didn’t see because I was blinded by my “vocation.” I never got tenure. I wasn’t liked by my colleagues. I scrambled for classes year after year, was treated badly by my bosses, politics in academia is awful, and, ultimately, the whole “shaping lives” thing? Why? Who am I to shape someone’s life? I did not know myself well enough so at various intersections I missed the turnings. Considering that now, three years after retirement, I do not want to teach anyone anything ever again and the thought of it just makes me angry, well… I look at it all as a huge lie.

      Your little girl, as many kids do, “fell in love” with her teacher. It’s one of the ways we have to reach students. Strange but true. 🙂

      • I’ve heard that academia is pretty pathetic and based on likes and dislikes as well as $$$. I hate that someone that should have received it was passed over. I also hate that people become so immature that they take dislikes to someone else because…because why? As to shaping lives, well, by that I mean opening doors to thinking, ideas, situations. We as parents even, open doors, show possible consequences but I honestly believe the most important lesson anyone can teach another is examine the information received, look behind the words don’t take anything at face value and find learn the truth for yourself.

        • Yep. I agree. That’s why I was committed to teaching Critical Thinking and I did it for more than 20 years. 🙂

          As for academia, I should’ve known better before I started. Grad school should have taught me, but I really had no clue at all what direction to take or, in many ways, who I was. I think that is a common problem with young people. OH well. 🙂

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