Drive Carefully

I had plans for lunch today with friends, but one of them got in a serious car wreck yesterday, and her car is totaled. She and her husband are fine, but shaken and bruised.

But… I care about this person very much. She’s a good friend and a wonderful person. When I looked at photo, and saw her husband (the fence builder) standing beside the heap of red tin foil that was their car, I was first shocked then grateful. We are so fragile and so finite. It’s really impossible to appreciate each other too much or value our lives too much. Every passing beautiful moment lasts only a little while and never comes back.

6 thoughts on “Drive Carefully

  1. I have been in accidents like that … and come out essentially just fine. Garry got pretty banged up and he was just about 500 feet from home. Gotta watch those wrong way curves on this road. Garry did his epic crash in my Acura which probably saved his brain from getting scrambled, but sometimes, you see little cars and they look like crumpled aluminum foil. I’m always amazed we survive. I got mangled by a semi … and it didn’t even set off the air bags, but the car was totaled.

    Yet, here we are. Alive and still driving. Well, sort of still driving.

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