Like a Virgin

Until I saw Desperately Seeking Susan I didn’t like Madonna. I mainly didn’t like Madonna because of the illogic of her song, “Like a Virgin.” You cannot be “like” a virgin. You’re a virgin or you’re not a virgin. It’s not a status that can be recreated. I thought it was stupid. I didn’t like her “style” either. In fact, I wore it as a Hallowe’en costume in 1993. The funny part of THAT is that most of the people at the party didn’t realize I was wearing a costume. The hosts did and fell over laughing.

I had a cousin, still have this cousin, who was fraught over this issue because she had recently found the lord in a very conservative Christian sect and was shamed over the fact that she had been a slut (in her opinion, anyway). Her sister worked very hard to help her understand that once she was saved, she was “born again,” and had a clean slate.

No one is “born again” any more than they are “like” a virgin.

What’s the big deal about this, anyway? Who cares? Life doesn’t offer “do overs” and it shouldn’t. If it did, none of us would get anywhere, learn anything new. We’d live in a world of regret, trying over and over to make that ONE THING right. How do we know but what that ONE THING we did wrong was actually right in some grander sense?

This morning Facebook (in its inimitable way) showed me my Memories. On this day in 2014, I was packing furiously to get out of my house in CA before the 18th. On this day in 2003, I had moved into that house.


I felt a pang of melancholy reading the two events, lined up there on Facebook. I loved that house (though this one is light years better and I’d rather be here).

Through those years — 2003 – 2014 — the last 8 were some of the darkest in my life — living there was the light at the end of the day, the week, the semester.


My Real Estate Agent and I at my house in CA two days before I moved out. It was 100 degrees at 9 am :O

9 thoughts on “Like a Virgin

  1. Born again is a phrase I frequently come across – like this matrimonial advertisement: “Born again Christian – 45 desires to marry……” For some years, I couldn’t understand it.

  2. I get those “memories” on Facebook as well, but I always cancel them. Facebook tells me they will no longer send so many memories, but I am still getting reminded at least once a week. I would leave Facebook tomorrow, were it not for the messenger where I can keep in contact with the rest of the world for nothing. I even hear my grandson cry on the messenger, so what could be better. Desperately seeking Susan was an OK film, but otherwise who’s Madonna?

  3. lol@angloswiss. You found your “happy”. I hate that saying, go to your happy place. Having said that, there are locations, places, people events that make us happy and bring us joy so what do I know? lol

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