Take Me Away


“Up here.”

“Up here where?”

“Bathtub. I’m pampering myself.”

“By bathing?”

“It’s paradise. I took the kids to the babysitter and I’m sitting in a nice, warm bubblebath.”

“Oh Shirley. Who’s going to cook dinner?”

“I’m ordering a pizza.”

“Oh babe. What if I take you to dinner someplace nice?”

“That would be lovely. How was your day?”

“Got fired.”



10 thoughts on “Take Me Away

    • I have no connection to that word except these commercials from the 70s/80s and we made so much fun of them. Everyone did. Even at the store if you had Calgon in your cart, the clerk might say, “Pampering yourself?” or “Take me away!” 🙂

  1. OMG yeah! I used to howl at those commercials myself. Calgon take me away! right!
    If you are busy, have children (and or work) and an active romantic life along with competing work schedules, when would you have time? I sure as hell didn’t! Not that I would, I prefer showers.

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