Dusty T. Dog and His Scary Bark


Dusty loves Bear

Everyone who gets to know Dusty T. Dog realizes he’s an exceptional being. Sure, other dogs are big, black and barky, but how many of them are also incredibly sweet, can jump six fee straight into the air and do yoga?


Which is the REAL Dusty?

In the three years I’ve lived here, Dusty has blossomed. His true nature has been allowed to flourish because people here like dogs, big dogs, and know how to be around them. Last week — the day Dusty wore his hunting vest for the first time on our walk — we encountered a dad with his son and his son’s friend. The dad was teaching the boys to fly-fish. Dusty, of course, started barking as if they were deeply violating everything he held dear. I said to the man, “He only sounds mean. He’s not.”


The man smiled!!! Then he said, “You want to run, boy?” (Dusty was leashed). I took that to mean I could unleash my dog. The man held out his hands in welcome and Dusty ran to him for pats. The man loved on Dusty and Dusty ate it up. Honestly, Dusty’s wonder is often eclipsed by Bear’s beauty. Then the man said, “Your other dog is pretty, too.” ❤

So Dusty made a friend. On our return trip (it’s a loop) Dusty didn’t bark at all or run over to meet them. He’d checked them out, found them safe to be around me and all was well with the world.


Dusty and K at the Sand Dunes

Dusty’s job (as he sees it) is to make sure nothing bad happens to me. He really likes people. He loves my neighbor, K, and I think she’s fond of him, but sometimes I think of all the times she and her husband walked past my house before I had a fence to keep Dusty out of the front yard. He must have terrified them.



8 thoughts on “Dusty T. Dog and His Scary Bark

  1. Meow Dusty – practicing for halloween? I heard you barking all the way to me, by telepathy of course. Love your new orange cloak, suits your black fur.
    Tabby T. Cat

    • Dusty has offered an online tutorial but I told him neither he nor your dogs can see in two dimensions. He shook his head disdainfully and made some comment on humans being so “vision centered.” I’m supposed to record his bark and your dogs are supposed to practice. I told him you and Garry might not appreciate that. 🙂

  2. We had a little rescue Maltese, Muffin. She was like an attack dog. We could not have people in the house b/c she would tear them up. I knew she had to have been abused before we found her. Outside on a leash, she was an angel, but inside–she was a whole ‘nother dog.

    • Those memories of abuse do NOT go away. I know that’s why Dusty is so ferocious in protecting his yard and me. But, after 11 years, he’s getting better. 🙂

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