Hip Update

I got my X-rays today and, to my somewhat educated eye, my hip looks good. The doctor has to see them, and he will know a lot more than I do, but the visit had a lot of good news.

Anyone who lives in a rural area has their life complicated by that fact. Today I learned that there is a surgeon who comes down here every two weeks to consult with patients. If it turns out I need it, and I like him, I will go to a somewhat larger town 1 1/2 hours away over a mountain pass for surgery. Then, four days later, I will come back to the San Luis Valley (my friend will have to drive me) and I’ll stay in the hospital in Del Norte until I’ve rehabbed enough to come home on my own.

When you are a solitary human the challenges are different. Today when I signed in at the hospital for X-rays the young woman asked me my emergency contact. I gave her the info and she said, “What’s her relationship to you?”

I said, “Friend.”

The girl goes, “We don’t have a box for that. We have sister, mother, daughter, but no ‘friend’.”

I said, “I’m the only survivor. I don’t have a family.”

That’s pretty strange, I guess. Hispanic culture is about big families and that’s the dominant group down here. AND most people who live here have lived here for generations and have family. And, let’s face it. Most people have children. I didn’t. “I guess my friends are my family,” I said.

“I have friends like that,” she said.

Of course, the hip still hurts, and I still don’t know what will happen, but I’ve lost 10 pounds since last year, my blood pressure is down, and I don’t have to go far, far away to rehab from surgery if I need it.

I was struck again by the wonderfulness of living here. How many people have a hospital that is across the road from a herd of bison?

9 thoughts on “Hip Update

  1. I like that young woman’s response to you. Why do we have to fit into boxes? They should add a ‘friend’ box or at least an ‘other.’ This is sounding a lot better, Martha. That makes me smile.

  2. That does sound good! There’s a hospital in Amherst next to a herd of buffalo. The university breeds them. Massachusetts is a funny place.

    My hips hurt a lot, but there is nothing wrong with them at all. It’s actually my back and the sciatic nerve, but it sure FEELS like my hips!

  3. Regarding boxes, some people might prefer a “friend” as an emergency contact instead of “family” – And, why are there boxes anyway? Forms don’t have any “written” information anymore because….here I go…we have to lower the bar and ‘simplify’ everything. *Best wishes and take care. I hope it all works out….plus, I like the photo.

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