Quotidian Sloughful Observations #71

The leaves have been released from the trees all around the slough. In town they are hanging on, but they can’t win this battle. The trees are all, “Little dudes. Winter is coming. I don’t have anything to give you. I have to expand my roots now.” I am beginning to see winter’s pastels edging into the picture.


“Sorry little dudes! You gotta’ go!”

Yesterday when we arrived — Dusty decked out in his hunting vest — there were pick up trucks in the parking lot. Three of them. I thought, “Oh rats,” then I saw they were three painters, little ladies with easels. I was really happy about that, somehow. I pulled into the parking lot, left the dogs in the car and went to say, “Hello!” and see the work.

These artists were not happy about that. Very grumpy painters. They were painting the dead trees across the road from the parking lot, contributing more 8 x 10 canvases to the ubiquitous dead tree school of American painting. Feeling stupid (a recognizable feeling), and bad for bothering them, I got the dogs and hit the trail.

It was beautiful. Two red tail hawks, fading yellow trees, leaves floating down, pale sky, the calls of Sandhill Cranes in the distance, beautiful light. I have figured out how to use my trekking pole/cane to relieve pain in my joint, and it was even a painless walk. Bear walked beside me without pulling. Dusty was the sweet gentleman he always is.


We finished the walk with a dog appreciation moment and then I saw a woman — I thought a BLM (that’s Bureau of Land Management) person heading toward the rest room. We hurried the final 50 feet so there would be no Barkaerobics.

The “old boy” I met some time back was waiting in his pick up. The “BLM” woman turned out to be his date for the afternoon, and she wasn’t BLM at all, just your average 60 something hard-living lady looking for a fling with a sabre-toothed, pot-bellied old boy. I thought they were really cute.



9 thoughts on “Quotidian Sloughful Observations #71

  1. I so enjoy reading your daily thoughts. I have stopped reading so many blogs because a person can only take so much, but yours I almost always read. Love the way you think and reflect and your sense of humor. Such a refreshing writing voice. Thanks.

  2. Unfortunately not everyone is a budding Georgia O’Keeffe, but they would like to be one probably. Yes Autumn changes the landscape, but it also has its good side for interesting photos. Your photos have something of the wild west, so really romantic and promising – I expect a wagon train to come past.

    • This is the Wild West. Right behind those trees (second tree photo) is the Rio Grande. 🙂 It’s just so beautiful here. It stuns me every single day.

  3. I loved the shadow pic, and yes, the others are also appealing. I also agree with your sense of humour and that there is a romance and promise contained within. These ladies hit the nail on the head as I see it 🙂 Why I visit every day as well (smiles appreciatively).

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