I Have No Idea

I have learned a little something since I moved here three years ago. This BRIGHT yellow “weed” that I photographed on one of my walks to the Monte Vista Golf Course I now know to be asparagus. ❤

Wild Asparagus, fall

Enlightenment — I looked for it for a while a long time ago, now I think we just get it in incremental bits. Sometimes — well, in my case — we realize at various places down the road what something is. Mostly I am amazed by how much I do not understand. Sometimes I wonder how I spent the 65 years of my life when I’m still so benighted, but maybe that’s how it is for all of us.

Change uh, you know, changes things. The burned out house in the top photo has been torn down now, but the log outbuildings remain and I hope they stay. The brush of a fallow field behind it has also been mowed and the slope leading to the railroad tracks behind where the house stood is smooth, a small hay field? The old fence has been torn down, too. There are fewer places for “my” fox to hide along the edges of the pond, but he is an adaptable little guy and he’ll work it out.

The fox knows nothing stays the same.


8 thoughts on “I Have No Idea

  1. We will never know it all, but we can make efforts to find out. I learned to take a photograph, no matter how “normal” because one day it will disappear, or no long fit, but the memory will remain. Perhaps your fox might move on to somewhere better. Our hedgehog has moved on to the neighbour and she is not happy because of his traces. I was happy because he visited every night.

  2. I too learned to never assume you will be able to take “that” picture again. Maybe you’ll be back in that same place … but the light won’t be the same and maybe you won’t have the right lens. And these days, what with digital and all, if 1000 pictures don’t come out, it’s okay. One delete and you’re back in business.

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